WC2 Self Storage.

WC2 Self Storage is a hassle. Pick&Move offers better alternative secure storage with free collection from your home or office in WC2 and surrounding Holborn and Covent Garden areas.

Gone are the days when hauling your stuff to a storage unit nearby. PICK&MOVE team of professional movers comes to you, packs and picks up your things, and then brings them to our storage facility. When you need something back, schedule a return, and we’ll deliver it

let us help you find the best solution, much cheaper than WC2 Self Storage, for your personal or business storage needs. Our cheap storage is flexible if you need to renovate or have a gap when selling your home, ideal for home staging or just extra space at home by storing all the unused items for clutter-free surroundings.

Why pay rent to expand your office space when Pick&Move can provide that additional storage space on a month-to-month or long-term basis? Let us store those documents, extra equipment, or anything else your team may need to complete the job.


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Storage Units to Rent in WC2.

All our storage units are located in London within easy reach of WC2 and are easy to reach via the main road networks. The good news is we collect right from your doorstep, eliminating the hassle with the traditional self-storage option in WC2. Our handy size guides will give you a good idea of how much space you’ll need for the personal belongings, household items, furniture or documents you want to store.

Mobile Storage is better than WC2 Self Storage solutions in Covent Garden, Holborn and surrounding areas. We’ll collect and store in our secure storage facilities in London, free of humidity or moisture, complete with state-of-the-art security and sprinkler systems, fully equipped with an advanced monitoring system, and secure gated facilities.

WC2 storage costs from £2.75 per day. Flexible, Convenient, Smart.

Our experienced and helpful staff can give expert advice about how much space you will need to accommodate your belongings so that you will never end up paying for storage space you don’t need. You can easily change your self-storage unit for a smaller or larger one if your needs change over time, with no admin fee or penalty payable. Pick&Move can do all that and more! Our moving and storage are door-to-door.


For additional information on our moving and storage services or to receive a free quote, call 0800 781 9629

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