SW7 Self Storage

SW7 Self Storage without the hassle we pick up your belongings, store and deliver back on demand. Are you going through a home renovation in SW7 or Kensington area in need of secure storage facility or for the growing business to store excess office furniture and files that aren’t being used frequently?  Our storage unit cost is low and perfect for long term storage from just £1.42 per day. If you need a professional storage solution in the SW7 area, no one will save you more time, peace of mind and money than PICK&MOVE. What are you going to do with all that extra time? That’s up to you! PICK&MOVE has a lot to offer here’s something for everyone.


Personal Storage in SW7

Homeowner renovating, or letting your property unfurnished whatever situation or do you have more belongings than you comfortably have space for at home? in need of a secure storage unit or Has it been a while since you could actually park your car in your garage? Are your cupboards fit to burst with stuff and is your attic straining under the weight of your belongings like.:

  • camping equipment
  • sports gear
  • winter clothing
  • photo albums
  • things that ‘might come in handy one day’

Pick and move can help with your household or personal storage, we can supply boxes and packaging pack your entire contents safely, stored in our clean storage units fully alarmed 24/7 CCTV monitoring, dry without the fear of moisture or humidity, If you need storage to rent in SW7 look no further than PICK&MOVE storage solutions.



Business Storage in SW7.

Is your business in need of extra storage space or stockroom or putting less frequently used furniture in storage to make extra space we can help  PICK&MOVE mobile storage collect store and deliver at the fraction of the cost Self storage in SW7 and surroundings, Need return of item between storage to your office or retail shop we deliver on-demand is that simple. We can also supply boxes, pack your entire content as optional


Storage collection and delivery in SW7

Say goodbye to packing, moving, unloading, and then packing again. PICK&MOVE storage is the most convenient mobile storage solution. We remove the need to transport your items into storage facilities in SW7 and then to your home, which would normally require the need for an additional rental van or moving service by the third party.Pick&Move do all the hard work from supplying boxes and packaging, packing the entire contents of your home or office with short notice of contacting us. Get a quote today and experience the difference of mobile storage solutions.


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SW7 Self Storage Pick and Move 50% off for 16 Weeks with free collection + free insurance.

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