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Are you looking for “Storage London” without the struggle? for long and short term storage. PICK&MOVE Storage concept pioneering since 2004 to provide London residents with a better, more affordable way of storage as alternatives to Self Storage options. Whether you need extra space in your home or are trying to make space for your growing family, or need to make space at your office, clear out not so use furniture or organise your office files,

PICK&MOVE Storage has you covered. With more than a dozen different storage locker and room sizes, we’ll help you pick the one that’s right for you. Whichever one you choose will be secured, a full alarm system, and around-the-clock video surveillance.

Our storage London price starts from £9.95 p/w, is cheap storage and offers better value compared with self-storage. If you looking for storage in London we can offer a great rate compared to most of our competitors, PICK&MOVE London storage deals are transparent with no hidden fee.

We offer pickup and delivery services that eliminate any inconveniences of transportation associated with storage. When you choose PICK&MOVE storage London, you get the best and most affordable storage facilities.

No matter the circumstances, all you need to do is provide a rough estimate of how many items you want to put into storage, schedule your collection date if you looking for easy storage London to rent PICK&MOVE can accommodate a range of personal and business storage needs. If you want your belongings packed? no problem we can supply boxes and packaging within short notice and pack the entire contents of your belongings.

If you don’t know how much space you need, simply find out the right-sized unit by using our storage size guide. or call 0800 781 9629 or get an online quote.


Here is how storage London works in 3 – simple steps.

We Collect.

Free pick up from your door

We’ve come to expect full service in some industries, but for some reason, many people still expect storage to be a labour-intensive process. PICK&MOVE reinventing the way we store finding the time in your busy schedule to organise belongings to and from storage places in London can be frustrating and difficult. Moving the contents of a full house is a tiresome task that often requires careful planning PICK&MOVE Storage London eliminate all the hassle and inconvenience of storing the goods we collect directly from your doorsteps. Need a survey?


We Store.

Secure warehouse, full alarmed, 24/7 CCTV

If you are going on an overseas holiday, are waiting for your new home or business to be ready or simply want to create more space in your home by keeping certain belongings off-site in storage, Storing is an ART of preserving present to serve you in future our secure facility provides safety, clean dry without moisture or humidity 24/7 CCTV monitoring and control access until you are ready to move back

We Deliver

Contact us when you have done with storage, we arrange quick delivery back to you.

Organise re-delivery of your belongings takes only a phone call to inform us of your readiness to accept your goods back into your home, each item placed into your designated area we can unpack as optional service if required.



PICK&MOVE Storage space London for households or personal use.

That means that when you’re ready, we come to you. We pick up your stuff and haul it away for you—safely and efficiently! We protect your stuff through the whole process, starting when we pick it up and lasting until we give it all back to you when your storage needs are over. Storage London can be used for any of the reasons below.

There’re tons of reasons why people need storage space in London. Maybe you’re downsizing and need a place to temporarily store your things until you move again. Or maybe you inherited items from your family or friends that you just don’t have room for at home. No matter situations you are in PICK&MOVE can help. Below are some of the uses.


clearing out excessStore any excess items in a PICK&MOVE storage unit so you can reclaim your shed, your garage, your cellar or any other room in your house.




When preparing your house for sale, PICK&MOVE storage units are the simple solution. you can store excess furniture and belongings to allow prospective buyers to see your home, not what’s in it.. We offer DE-cluttering service boxes supplied and items packed for storage


Renovation and constructionRENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION

Whatever the scope of your projects. Protect your belongings from dirt, dust and demolition by storing them in our storage units while your home can still be liveable even during complicated and lengthy home improvement projects.


Between homesBETWEEN HOMES

Often things don’t go as planned if you need storage between moves we’ll store your contents in one of our storage units, store and deliver it to your new location when you need it local or international.



Business storageEasy storage London for businesses and commercial needs.

Whether you’re a business looking for long-term storage freeing up expensive office space by using one of our storage units is an ideal solution for a variety of business storage needs. Use storage units for extra inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, special event materials – even your important archives.

We provide pick&pack for online retailers, high street shops looking to store excess inventory off-sites.
You can also increase or decrease the size of your unit at any time after your first week. This is very useful for businesses that have fluctuating needs. Our indoor units are highly secure.

The stores are fitted with 24-hour CCTV and alarm systems, and each unit is fitted with motion detectors that are linked to the alarm system and our security service. We offer collection and delivery, logistical support for your business when needed. Get a quote today to discuss your business storage needs with our expert.



Using storage units London from PICK&MOVE offer exceptional value for money.

Quality doesn’t mean high prices, though: “Storage units London” start as low as £9.95 per week. Two things everyone loves, are cheap storage and convenience. If you need extra space at home, renovating or simply home staging before sales. Other reasons why you may need storage units in London for your office. Is your office bursting with excess furniture and files? We can help customize the storage plan whatever your requirements.

Get in touch for details today.

if you get an online quote to understand the cost, we’ve simplified the process of renting “storage units London” designed with you in mind individual. different size units to meet your needs, no need to rent space more than you need compared with the traditional self-storage facilities in London,

Take full advantage of our full-service whatever project is planned. Never overpay for a storage unit that’s bigger than you need, while also looking to take advantage of better rates for larger storage projects.

One of the major reasons we’re able to offer cheap storage units in London at such great prices is that we never ask our customers to pay for more storage than they use—both by space and by service. Our smart solutions provide complete, yet personalized, help with your project needs. Put more time back in your schedule while PICK&MOVE do all the heavy lifting to and from storage. That’s easy storage.

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How do I find self storage near me?

If you’re looking for “self storage near me” look no further than PICK&MOVE convenient storage options, is so much easier and hassle-free than self-storage alternatives, Your choice may be limited to higher rates storage facilities in your area searching for a nearby self-storage also has its problem, you will need to arrange transport of your belongings to the facility and do the same over again.

when you leave besides the expensive rates charge by self storage in London. You do not have to limit your choices due to the distance you need to travel to get your belongings to storage facilities..

You already have enough on your plate, storage shouldn’t be one of them. To schedule a pickup and then relax — we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll pick up your stuff, store it in our secure storage facility (24/7 security, motion-sensing cameras, and alarms) until you them back.


You can get a quick Storage London quotation by giving us a call at 0800 781 9629 or 0207 205 2744.


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