Storage cost London

Storage cost London in 2020 varies greatly knowing the right storage options for you will save you a great deal of money and time, Traditional self-storage cost has risen year on and will continue to rise if you renting self-storage option. There is good news. PICK&MOVE Storage is cheap, secure and affordable option and cost-effective storage solutions in London.

No need to leave your home or business with collection from the doorstep. completely hassle-free unlike self-storage not only that you have to arrange your own transport, expensive insurance on top of high storage cost, furthermore expect a rate hike on a yearly basis.

One important factor to bear in mind if you looking for long term storage London, you should avoid traditional self storage facilities once the initial promotional rate is over to get you signed up the standard rate is eye-watering and will cost far more than you expect. Consider cheap storage London that won’t leave you out of pocket, flexible alternative with collection direct from your doorstep, convenient storage at the price you can afford is secure, modern facilities, clean and dry with 24/7 CCTV, fully alarmed, no moisture or humidity.


Average storage cost in London.



35 sq ft £18.30 £52.50 £46.00 £44.15
50 sq ft £37.38 £82.80 £51.00 £55.38
75 sq ft £39.69  Not available £80.00 £75.90
100 sq ft £62.07 £494.00 £192.99 £92.21
Collection? FREE* Cost of van hire, fuel & time
Fixed Prices? YES
5 years
4 weeks’ notice of increases
20 weeks’ notice of increases
4 weeks’ notice of increases

Prices are per week including vat. Correct as of January 2020. These prices are the standard rates from each company excluding any introductory discounts they may offer. usually 50% for 8 weeks technically 1 month free.



Storage Cost for 4 Bedroom House.

In general, 4 bedroom house will require 175 SQF to 200 SQF as standard, storage cost has increased significantly over the years but knowing the right storage options will save you a small fortune. There are two main storage options the traditional self-storage which is DIY and far more expensive you will need to hire your own movers or a truck, manpower and so on. On the other hand, you could opt-out for more flexible, convenient and cheaper storage option. Storage collection and delivery from PICK&MOVE.

We collect, store and deliver back to you whatever project planned to renovate or just need temporary secure storage facilities. Above all is one-stop for moving and storage, within short notice packing service and materials can be arranged and pack the whole contents of your home leaving you time to enjoy your day without any worries.

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Storage for 3 Bedroom House.

Storage size for 3 bedroom house is around 160 SQF unit, PICK&MOVE storage is the ideal partner for those looking to store, whether that be households, de-cluttering or renovation we offer a personal service and try to be flexible to each individual’s needs. We also offer long-term storage for those going abroad or having refurbishment work done at home, or looking for a permanent low-cost storage option.


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