Storage Collection and Delivery

PICK&MOVE Storage collection and delivery in London is the easiest way to Move and Store your belongings, which is what we do best. Is convenient storage without lifting a finger whatever project is planned for short or long term storage. Imagine never having to do that again. Instead of a service where someone actually collects and re-delivers everything for you leaving you to do whatever you want with your free time.

You don’t have to head over to your storage unit and search for the one item that you know you put somewhere but you’re not quite sure where.

Instead, our inventory systems allow you to pick what you need by checking the list of your inventory. And then, once you’ve found the item you need, you can request to have it delivered right to you when you need it.

if you are wondering do storage companies collect your goods? The answer is yes, PICK&MOVE takes care of all the hassle of collections. If you looking for Storage collection and delivery near me or nearby, your search stops today.

Call 0800781 9629 for Storage London pick up or get a quote online.

Our quick and affordable storage collection and delivery London cover the whole of London and surrounding areas it saves you lots of hassle and inconveniences of self storage options.


How PICK&MOVE make collection and delivery easy for Londoners.

If you’re reading this on your couch, at the park or the beach, or anywhere else you’d rather be than at a storage unit, stay there, schedule a collection and delivery, and we’ll come to you alternatively call 0207 205 2744.

There’s is no reason to leave your home or office wasting valuable time travelling to self storage facilities, You haul nothing we do all the work our full service includes storage and delivery service

we collect store and deliver on-demand from supplying boxes and packaging, pack the entire content of your belongings the choice is available. Even better on top of our collection and delivery in London, we are cheaper than any self storage at the fraction of the cost.


Traditional Self Storage vs Storage collection and delivery London.

Traditional Self Storage does not collect and deliver your goods is a DIY storage option, all the arranging is your responsibility, Pick&Move storage collection and delivery London services eliminate any hassle completely stress-free. If you are searching for Storage London with collection call us at 0800 781 9629 or request a quote and we’ll come over to your place we’ll, pack, load your belonging’s into a van, and drive them over to our storage facility.

And when you want something back, just give us a call. We’ll bring it straight to your door. This is definitely the service that makes us stand out from our competitors. This is what full-service storage looks like!

Using PICK&MOVE gives you back more time, which you can spend on other things that matters to you. Are you Storing for the long term? Get a quote now 50% for 4 Months + Free Collection + Insurance


The storage collection when it suits you:

The facts before you book your collection services things you know about. PICK&MOVE FREE Collection is totally free if within your package, is transparent with zero charges and unlike competitors who disguise free collections by offering 30 minutes freeloading and charging a higher rate of £80 p/h thereafter costing you more than you bargain.

Other competitors offer you free van and fuel then charge you a higher rate to load and unload both at your premises and warehouse that isn’t a free collection nor transparency If you need storage collection you should avoid hourly rate charge at all costs, the end result will certainly cost much more.

With Pick&Move’s free collection you pay nothing regardless of how long to complete offering a superb value for our customers. And for those that pay collection charge is a low fixed rate a peace of mind with no surprises.

Storage Collection and Delivery Pick and Move

FREE PICKUP offers are available to customers storing for the long term and pre-payment in advance. Customers that choose to leave before the end of 12 months period will have the cost of collection charge added to their final account. Pick&Move does not offer a free delivery service in all cases unless otherwise included in the quotation.

FREE PICKUP customers must have their belongings packed, boxed and easily accessible for loading unless otherwise included in the quote. The journey trip is one van load per customer.

‘FREE PICKUP’ is one Man & Van. or otherwise stated on the quote depending on storage size, for customers that required additional manpower this will be charged at our discounted rate.

FREE PICKUP is limited to customers taking storage from 35sqf to100sqf in London and surrounding areas

Optional services: Packing/unpacking is optional. we can supply boxes and packaging, pack your entire belongings or part pack the choice is yours.


The delivery services after you have done:

When you have decided you would like to take your belongings out of storage, you must notify one of our advisers by email who will assist you in the process and advise you of delivery costs. Unless otherwise included in our quotation. Please note we require notice for the end of storage notification and transport on your specified dates is subject to availability.

In all cases, delivery is not a free service that is payable prior to the delivery to final destinations. We can deliver locally in London, UK or ship internationally.


  • Full Removal Service
  • Man & Van Service
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Container Shipping/International Moves
  • Distribution Service
  • All our storage customers will be entitled to discounted rates and a complete one-stop solution to Moving & Storage.


Storage Pick up and Delivery London short-term & long-term.

Whether you are just trying to clear out some space in your home or want to store some of your belongings indefinitely, Pick&Move storage company based in London has an option that will fit your needs

if you are looking for “storage pick up and delivery London” from your doorstep without you lifting a finger, Now that’s easy. Our portable storage units are much easier than traditional storage alternatives with our storage pickup service.

You no longer have to rent a truck or drive back and forth between your home and the storage facility. We pick up, store, and deliver your stuff — all for less than what self-storage companies charge. Instead of spending your time heading to and from your storage unit, you can spend more time doing what you want.

You can start now and Schedule a pickup and storage London, and we’ll come to you or Call today on 0207 205 2744 or 0800 781 9629 or request QUOTATION


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How do I schedule a collection of my goods?

It’s simple.  You can either call PICK&MOVE at 0800 781 9629. 0207 205 2744 or email us at [email protected] for assistance setting up your Pickup.

Can I choose the time of day for my collections?

Yes. Our team’s estimated time of arrival. We are always willing to send any special requests to our moving team in regard to timing, however, we aren’t able to guarantee that your specific time frame will be accommodated. Our moving team creates their schedule to optimize drive time and order size to ensure that every order will be promptly serviced.

Does the Pickup Service Include packing or dismantling?

No, Thie service is optional, if required we are happy to help let your move coordinator know in advance and it can be quoted at the outset.


Do your prices include VAT?

Yes. All of the prices that we quoted in regard to storage or service include vat.

What if there are more locations for collection and delivery?

No problem PICK&MOVE can pick up and deliver to multiple locations. Your choice we deliver locally or any international destinations.

Can I add more items to my storage units?

Yes. Provided there is enough available storage space in your units.

Do you offer a free collection?

Yes, Pick&Move offer a free collection for customers storing for 12 months and over.