Shipping to USA from UK

Pick&Move is the UK’s expert international shipping company if you need reliable and efficient Shipping to USA from UK. We have been delivering personal and household effects to the USA since 2004. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through shipping from the UK to the USA. We work with your budget where possible, ensuring things go as planned.

International shipping to the USA is not as straightforward. Many factors must be considered, including customs regulations. The first step is to contact us, and you will be appointed a personal move coordinator. We offer a free in-house survey to understand your specific requirements, concerns, and questions. We also compile a detailed inventory of items to be shipped. You can request a free in-house survey or call 0800 781 9629 to speak with one of our specialised teams today.


The options when Shipping to USA from UK.

Full container load (FCL)

Exclusively utilizing container services is the optimal choice if you have enough items to completely fill the container, such as the contents of a 2 or 3-bedroom house or the furniture from a large office. If you require a faster delivery date or have ample cargo to fill a container, our team will bring the container directly to your location for loading.

Less than container Load (LCL)

If you don’t have enough items to fill an entire container, you may find the LCL (Less than Container Load) option suitable. With our shared container service, you’ll only be charged for the actual volume of cargo that you ship. This means that individuals moving household goods to the USA can make use of a shared container without needing to fill an entire container on their own.

Excess Baggage.

Ship your unaccompanied baggage to the USA for convenient door-to-door delivery and save big on airline baggage fees!


International shipping to USA from UK

There are various options for relocating to the USA, whether you are moving household items or other types of cargo.

Shipping to USA from UK

    We Offer:

  • Door-to-door delivery: Get your items delivered straight to your doorstep with ease and convenience.
  • Door to port
  • Packing and wrapping
  • Customs clearance, paperwork and much more!


Customs Duties when Shipping to USA from UK.

Duty Exemptions for Household and Personal Effects

You may import furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, artwork and similar household furnishings for your personal use free of duty. To be eligible for duty-free exemption, the articles must have either been available for your use or used in a household where you were a resident for one year. The year of use does not need to be continuous, nor does it need to be the year immediately before the date of importation.

Personal and household effects entitled to duty-free entry need not accompany you to the United States; you may have them shipped to your U.S. address at a later time if you choose. Your shipment of personal and/or household goods must be cleared through Customs at its first port of arrival.

This is a duty implemented by the U.S. Customs and Border on imported goods that are valued above USD 800.

The enforcement of this duty hinges on the nature and value of the imports to determine both the applicable duty on the goods and the type of clearance process they undergo:

Any imports above USD 800 will have to go through a conventional clearance at the customs, whereas eCommerce purchases that value between USD 800 and USD 2,500 (MYR3,720 to MYR 11,625, approximately) could enjoy a simplified clearance that involves minimal intervention from customs.

The import tariffs vary between 0% and 37.5 %, with 5.63% being the average. E-commerce purchases exceeding USD 2,500 will have a flat tariff rate of 3%.

For more details on USA customs: Learn more


General Procedures for Importing Household and Personal Effects to USA.

When completing the Customs Form (CF) 6059B, “Customs Declaration,” for accompanying goods, or the CF 3299 “Declaration For Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles,” the statement that the goods are “household effects” is not sufficient information. The complete inventory of imported goods will be treated as the packing list and must be provided to Customs upon request. The following is an example of an invoice description.

Furniture: Tables, chairs, sofas, bedroom, home/office and living room furniture, desks, lamps, mirrors, etc.

Kitchenware: Silverware, glassware, chinaware, pots, pans, utensils, electrical kitchen appliances, etc.

Household goods: Linens, towels, rugs, toiletries, cleaning products, decorative articles, art, framed pictures, toys, strollers, crafts, holiday decorations, fans, washers, dryers, VCRs, TVs, stereos, records, collectables, etc.

Sport equipment: (NO FIREARMS). Bicycles, weights, stationary equipment, skis, skates, surfboards, etc.

Clothes: For women, men, boys, girls, and infants.

Books/Printed materials: Books, calendars, personal records, photo albums, etc.

Home/Office Equipment/Tools of Trade: Computers (CPU, monitor, printer, software, etc.), filing cabinets, shredders, fax machines, telephone equipment, calculators, books, etc.

Other personal effects: Item(s) not covered by previous categories should be individually described.

The quantity on the invoice must, at minimum, provide the count in boxes, crates, or pieces. This information is required to efficiently complete the Customs document review and examination.

NOTE:  To safeguard against the importation of dangerous pests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture prohibits solid wood packing materials from China unless they have been fumigated and have appropriate documentation.


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