Shipping boxes to Qatar from uk

Are you shipping boxes to Qatar from UK?  We offer door-to-door or if you are sending a few personal items or boxes to Qatar, PICK&MOVE sea freight to Qatar is tailored to meet every client’s specific requirements, there are no one-size-fits approaches, unlike the many UK to Qatar moving companies. Pick&Move is a London-based shipping company with trusted partners and local knowledge who will ensure upon arrival of your goods, coordinate your delivery promptly.

There are so many things to do in Qatar, Doha is the capital and most populous city of the State of Qatar. Whether it’s the stunning and constantly changing skyline. Doha is a city oozing confidence and style, and it’s as much ease with its modern shopping malls as it is with its heritage and traditional souqs.

Qatar is a peninsular Arab country whose terrain comprises an arid desert and a long Persian (Arab) Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes. Also on the coast is the capital, Doha, known for its futuristic skyscrapers and other ultramodern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design, such as the limestone Museum of Islamic Art. The museum sits on the city’s Corniche waterfront promenade.

International Moving and Shipping from the UK to Doha, Qatar.

Whether you are shipping a few boxes to Qatar. Or sharing with our other clients as groupage or you looking for a full-service move with your own dedicated 20ft or 40ft container you can be assured of faster services with PICK&MOVE. Our Door-to-door delivery is not the only service we are the best at.

If you need sea freight, we will be more than happy to be there for you. If you have a package to send and you know that door-to-door service is the best choice you can make. Making sure that your package safely gets from point A to point B is what we really care about and that is why you should definitely choose us for your door-to-door service

Shipping to Qatar will require your items to be transported over vast distances. cover, your items need to be protected in the best way possible. That is why the packing materials and methods you choose matter greatly. However, not everyone has the time or skills necessary to complete this task properly.

This is when the help of our professional packers becomes invaluable. PICK&MOVE can export pack all your belonging with our premium packing materials to offer you the right protection. Call us today on 0800 781 9629 or request a quote.



If you need a full-service shipping container from the UK to Qatar PICK&MOVE will get you there.

Relax while PICK&MOVE organise your shipment to Qatar from London or anywhere within the UK. The more goods you have the more cost you have to pay, there are lots of factors affecting your shipping rate. If you’re shipping your stuff halfway across the world then it’s going to cost more than a short trip across the Mediterranean.
Whether your shipping is based on port-to-port or door-to-door will also affect costs; PICK&MOVE Container shipping rate to Qatar is extremely competitive. low-cost options, shipping has peak season just like any other business August and September prices tend to be higher due to demand. Pick&Move guaranteed the best price whatever the season.

Container Shipment Options and Method to Qatar.

For those relocating to Qatar, our services work great for entire household moves as well as smaller ones for studios, offices, or even certain items of furniture or entire office relocation. The sole use of container 20ft or 40ft if you have lots of belongings to fill the container, less handling, and low risk of damage.

Less Container load is our shared container service or groupage, you’ll only be charged for the actual volume of goods that you ship because we understand that not everyone moving household goods to Qatar will need their own individual container. Learn more on Qatar Customs information.


 Affordable UK Shipping Company to Qatar.

There are always multiple steps when moving overseas, whether you are moving household goods to Dubai or other types of cargo with Qatar.

    We Offer:

  • Door to door
  • Door to port
  • Local service
  • Storage service
  • Packing and wrapping
  • Pick up services for those not close to one of our locations.
  • Customs clearance, paperwork, and much more!


Getting started with Qatar Shipping Quote is Only a Few Minutes Away.

Once you fill in the online quotation, we would look at your detailed quotation to determine if further surveys are needed. contact us at 0800 781 9629


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