Shipping Boxes To Dubai

Shipping Boxes to Dubai from UK? Don’t pay airline expensive fee for your excess baggage, we provide low cost options

Is common occurrence when you travelling we often pack more items as a result you will be looking to pay excessive charges by Airline. If you are shipping boxes to Dubai UAE?  from UK  Why pay airline high fees only to have to lug your baggage around when you reach your destination? Get a quote today and see how much you could save! The team at Pick & Move are here to ensure the smooth transition of all excess baggage, personal belongings and student essentials, almost anywhere in the world.

If Shipping boxes to Dubai we offer no hassle door to door if you require shipping boxes to Dubai from UK collecting your baggage and delivering it to your chosen destination. We provide you with boxes/cartons for your excess baggage and arrange customs clearance in the UK & Dubai all within the one unbeatable price. Every year ranging from suitcases, personal effects, 1 or 2 boxes to larger excess baggage shipments of 10 or 20 boxes.



Read our guide to importing personal effects into the UAE here

  • Unaccompanied baggage & luggage shipping
  • International sea freight or air freight for individuals
  • Unaccompanied baggage shipped to Dubai, UAE, Kuwait
  • Personal effects shipments from the UK to anywhere in Middle East
  • Overweight baggage big savings on airline costs
  • Household goods – ship by airfreight or sea freight
  • Excess luggage & boxes shipped to Dubai, UAE, and Kuwait.


Cost of Shipping Boxes to Dubai

Shipping Boxes To Dubai Pick and MoveThe cost of moving boxes internationally solely depends on how much you send when using our box shipping to Dubai service. At Pick&Move  offer low cost the more boxes you send the cheaper your quote.

If you’re considering shipping a box to Dubai, get your instant quote today or call us on 0800 781 9629 If you just want more information on sending a tea chest to Dubai from the UK you can read our Shipping Boxes to Dubai.


Door- to – Door Service:

Our door to door Shipping boxes to Dubai, will save you time and money. We offer collection service for your excess baggage and arrange customs clearance in the UK & Dubai all within the one unbeatable price. On arrival at your destination, our agent will contact you to arrange the delivery of your goods.


Don’t pay high excess baggage fees. Get Your Quote Here

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