Self Storage W8

If you’re looking for self storage W8, there’s one. But do you really want to rent a truck, pack your stuff, drive it through the streets of Kensington, unload all your boxes and furniture by yourself, and then do it all over again when you need something back from storage? that doesn’t sound fun to us either, PICK&MOVE will pick up, store, and deliver your stuff — all for less than what W8 self-storage companies charge. Flexible and effortlessly simple storage solutions to your needs,


Self Storage near W8

You never have to visit storage facilities again. Do you need to home stag, remodelling or just need more office space to store your excess? whatever your requirement PICK&MOVE W8 Storage facilities are secure, clean without moisture or humidity. We have the solution to meet your needs and budget. Our Storage Size Guide will help in choosing the right storage unit. Not sure what size storage? We only a phone call away and happy to help.

We’ll pick up your stuff (including your heavy furniture and other large items like bikes, luggage, and more) and transport it to our secure storage facility.
Need something back from storage? With us, the only thing you actually have to do is notify us in advance and we’ll deliver it to you.

Our mobile Storage door to door eliminate the trouble associated with conventional Self Storage in W8, Kensington. Holland Park, and surrounding areas.
W8 storage offers: Get 50% for 16 weeks + Free Collection + Free Insurance: Request a QUOTE NOW.


Personal storage in W8

There are many ways you can use personal storage in W8. we’ll personally load up all your stuff and transport it over to our secure storage facility.
Need something back? No sweat: just let us know and we’ll bring it right over to you. With PICK&MOVE you get a better deal than self-storage companies in W8 can offer and the peace of mind that comes with it.

You can use personal storage for any of the reasons below:
moving house
renovating your home
decluttering rooms
travelling or moving abroad
at university or college
going through a divorce
having a baby
clearing out a property after a bereavement


Business reasons for using storage units in W8.

Freeing up valuable office space is vital for any business Self-storage allows you to create space in your work premises. And it prevents your office from becoming an over-spill for equipment, tools or stock.
Whatever the size of your company, our storage can: provide somewhere to store your boxes, furniture.
Provide a safe and secure place for your tools and equipment.
Give you room for your stock and merchandise.
Take your furniture off your hands during an office move or refurbishment.

We’re Cheaper W8 Self-Storage Companies
Unlike self-storage, you only pay for the space you use. Just a click or phone call by dialling 0800 781 9629
Every aspect of our process from getting a quote, to storing your goods is designed to make your life easy.


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