Self Storage Victoria London

If you looking for self storage Victoria London, We pick your stuff up, store it and bring it back when you need it—for less than the price of traditional self-storage. We are a full-service provider, and within short notice, we can supply boxes and packaging and pack the entire contents.

Whether you’re a business based in Victoria and looking for long-term storage or a family in need of temporary storage space, PICK&MOVE Is the place to turn to in the London area. We provide cheap storage and moving services for both commercial and residential needs.

Look no further than PICK&MOVE storage collection at a fraction of the cost of any self storage in Victoria London. Is there any reason to pay more? More importantly, you should bear in mind self storage is notorious for price hikes. PICK&MOVE Storage rates are fixed for 3 years.


Why is self storage facilities in Victoria London, Soho, Oxford Circus and Mayfair expensive?

Self-storage facilities in Victoria, London, Soho, and Oxford Circus are located within a 3-mile radius and are in line with property prices in the Central London area. As a result, these self-storage facilities are expensive. However, the further away you go from Central London, the cheaper the prices become.

The good news is that PICK&MOVE offers a flexible approach to storage without any stress. We collect, store, and deliver your items when you need them. No more need to worry about moving items between storage locations, as we retrieve them for you and send them directly to your home or office.

It’s a simple and effortless solution that extends your home or office storage needs. With 18 years of experience in providing value-added storage facilities to our customers, you can rest assured that you will receive a personal touch and more!


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In addition to our low storage price, we offer a prepayment discount.:

50% discounts up to 4 months + free collection + insurance ifstoringfor12 months+Self storage Vitoria, Soho and Oxford Circus special deals

50% discount for 2 months  + free insurance if storing for 6 months.

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Self storage prices Victoria, Soho, Oxford Circus and central London area.

Self storage price comparison chart:



35 sq ft £25.92 £63.00 £55.00 £49.15
50 sq ft £41.30 £82.80 £66.00 £63.38
75 sq ft £45.95  £92.00 £80.00 £75.90
100 sq ft £69.00 £494.00 £192.99 £110.21
Collection? FREE* Cost of van hire, fuel & time
Fixed Prices? YES
5 years
4 weeks’ notice of increases
20 weeks’ notice of increases
4 weeks’ notice of increases

Prices are per week including VAT. Correct as of May 2023. These prices are the standard rates from each company excluding any introductory discounts they may offer. usually 50% for 8 weeks technically 1 month free.


Storage units for Business in Victoria Soho and Oxford Circus.

Are you looking for extra office space for your business? We can assist you in creating more office space by storing your unused furniture or inventory in our secure storage facilities. Our storage facilities are clean, dry, and equipped with a 24/7 video monitoring system to ensure that your items are safe. We offer storage rooms ranging from 16 sqft to 2000 sqft for businesses located in Victoria and the surrounding areas.


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