We don’t mind that London is a huge, busy city because this means we are always within easy reach of musicals, international cuisine, Michelin star restaurants, amazing nightlife and countless free museums and wonderful galleries. How much does self storage cost in 2022?  Is the questions on everyone’s mind. There are few options that offer much better value than self-storage alternatives.

The moving companies has its advantage especially for people looking to store for the long term. Not only that is cheap but convenient with collection and delivery across London.

Time has changed in the digital age with a click of a button you can have your storage arranged, packed, collected and delivered from the comfort of your home or office without having to visit any self-storage in London.

Maybe a renovation project or whatever you had planned. Homes are getting smaller and real estate prices are increasing all the time and because of this many people are downsizing and putting extra furnishing into storage facilities.

You may just need to store items that you do not want or can not have in your home due to space constraints, finding cheap storage in London can be an excellent option in situations like this


In a crowded market, how do I compare storage prices?

The answer is simple, comparing storage prices in London is about knowing your storage options and your needs. If you are looking for self storage near me such as the traditional self storage in London such as Big Yellow, Safestore, Access storage, W1 Self storage and all Central London storage facilities are generally expensive.

The rates are set to rise even further in 2021, and notorious for price hikes, you will be paying more after the initial storage deals are over. Is wise to avoid the pitfall and look for cheap storage in London that is right for your needs.

Generally, self-storage is cumbersome do – it – yourself as the name suggested “Self” or choosing a flexible option from mobile storage provider with collection at the fraction of the price saving you lots of money above all convenience. There are different storage alternatives available in London as listed below:

Option 1: Self-Storage London.

There are sure to be various options available to you in your area, and it is up to you to check them out carefully. As an incentive to get business, it is the practice of some Self Storage companies to offer a free truck to move your self storage facilitiesbelongings to the unit or an hour of free loading time bear in mind once you over the allocated time is over the moving rate will be significant per hour. or offers of 50% for 8 weeks to get you signed up.

What will be your storage rate after the initial offers run out? On the face of it, this sounds very attractive, but you must note carefully all the restrictions. The better option is to considerMobile storage provider, hassle-free and collection from your doorstep at a better value and much cheaper too.

There are many reasons why people need to store goods away for a period of time to be used at a later date. In today’s world people like as little clutter as possible in their homes. What better way to remove this clutter and still hold on to your valued possessions than self-storage.

Storage offers a safe, secure, and clean environment to store your goods. Generally, 24-hour access to your goods is allowed in some facilities at additional cost and on-site security with many offering CCTV is fast becoming the norm in this highly competitive industry.


Option 2: Moving Company Storage.

Moving companies storage facilities

Offer the most value-added alternatives, cheap and secure with pickup

Moving Companies generally store in their own facilities that are either climate or temperature-controlled and have advanced security systems. This option is for people who aren’t as concerned about visiting self-storage facilities.

The storage cost is low and having a professional job done complete storage and moving from packing the entire contents to storing or a personalised solution to meet your storage needs.

People who have a lot of boxes or fine furniture, need packing services or aren’t physically capable or willing to spend the time to handle the job are usually the people who will contract and use moving companies with storage collection and delivery on offer. Using a moving company, you can expect your furniture to be packed properly, picked up, and transported to the facility.

However, you should be aware that you will probably need an appointment to add and take items out of your unit


Option 3: Mobile Storage London:

The use of mobile storage units guaranteed cheap storage in London and removes the worry of renting a truck The company may also offer a service where their workers come to your home or office and pack all the items professionally and then load them into the trailer. and transported to their storage facilities.

It may be worthwhile paying for this service which offers extra convenience and ensures that your goods are efficiently packed to prevent damage, and the space in the trailer is used to the best advantage as professionals know how best to load it. It should be noted that in many cases people run out of space in the truck because of poor packing and loading.

If you are in the market for easy full-service providers, compare “how much are storage cost in London”. why not consider Storage Collection and Delivery over more conventional alternatives? Many advantages are beginning with flexibility, the sheer ease of use and convenience too – no more worrying about your precious goods being loaded and then unloaded again onto and off trucks. No direct handling of your goods by unfamiliar movers maximizes your security at all times.


The many advantages of Cheap Storage units over conventional Self Storage are more than just the costs:

Curbside convenience at your service! With mobile storage containers, you can move your stored belongings from your property to a destination of your choice any time you want. No need to worry about your possessions being at someone else’s mercy and certainly there is no need for expensive moving teams. Forget too about multiple trips across town with your own vehicle packed full of items. Mobile storage brings convenience right to your doorstep.

  • No need to rent a truck and moving team.
  •  Simple to load and unload – ground level loading and no dangerous and difficult ramps to navigate. You may want to check with your condominium or apartment building management to get the necessary clearance to have a trailer parked outside.
  •  Pay only for what you use – your service provider will help you select the correct storage size for your needs.
  •  Unlike traditional self-storage systems, only the mobile storage container moves with you, meaning you just have to pack and unpack once.
  •  Mobile storage allows you to store your belongings at a warehouse until you are ready – a great option if you are building a new home or relocating.

Now that you are here, To learn more about how we can help you to find the best storage unit for your needs, get in touch today!