The cost of Self Storage units in London is not the cheapest option available in the market. There are several reasons one might need a self storage unit personal, business, or just simply de-cluttering before you make any decisions is important that you know all the options available to you and the budget you may want to set aside to meet the cost of storing your belongings.

Self-storage in London isn’t cheap in fact is the most expensive storage solution many self storage providers especially the multi-brand operators on of the flip sides of self-storage is that Self Storage companies have to cover all those extra costs higher rent, rate and the initial cost of fitting out the building. How do self storage operators justify such rates, they claim to provide instant access and value? There is a much better option at fraction of the cost of traditional self-storage, if you do not need regular or no access the fact is you will be saving a small fortune.

Their physically accessible set-up also means that self-storage facilities often only use 60-75% of the available occupancy.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit? and Why Pay More? knowing the storage option that is right for you completely hassle-free at the fraction of what self storage charge, store pickup, and delivery is part of standard service you get with mobile storage providers such as PICK&MOVE with fixed rate up to five years unlike self storage yearly rate increment 

For instance, if you considering renting self-storage in Fulham, Notting Hill, Paddington, and central London as an example, 100 sq feet costs £144 per week, £624 per month but for the same space in terms of cost per square feet Pick & Move Storage solution will cost you £57 per week, £249 per month the cost is driven further down by offering free collection, insurance and generous discount between 30% & 10% for those customers storing from six months and over saving you well over £400 for same size unit  that effectively lower the rate quoted

How do self-storage operators justify such rates, they claim to provide instant access and value? Self-storage itself is inconvenience derived from its name “Self” is do-it-yourself is cumbersome and time-consuming

Request for more information today for Container Storage London perfect for long term storage you will be surprised how much you can save.