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Renting Self Storage London can be an expensive option PICK&MOVE offer better alternatives to Self Storage. No matter what size the job, no matter what size the goods, PICK&MOVE can pack, pick up and store them. Whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner, we can accommodate your needs and take care of your belongings. Take advantage of our full-service storage you’ll get peace of mind, quality service, and competitive rates.

Finding things to do in London, from iconic sightseeing spots and fun-filled days out to top restaurants, theatres and unmissable London events doesn’t come cheap just like Self Storage. The good news is there are other storage alternatives in London today that are much better than traditional Self Storage alternatives.

Pick&Move Storage is more secure, and easy storage than any other option has to offer. Consider the hidden fees, bogus charges, and secondary moving costs, and then consider the exact storage pricing from PICK&MOVE.


Why is full-service much better than Self Storage alternatives?

Self storage facility London is Do-it-t yourself.  What you’ll realize is that PICK&MOVE provide this new standard of hassle-free storage is cheaper at a fraction of the cost of self-storage. Let’s talk about the convenience of pickup services from your doorstep. We Collect, Store and Deliver are convenient ways to store from PICK&MOVE.

That’s because we never ask you to pay for the storage you’re not using. A rough estimate of your total storage need will help us choose the right storage unit size and generate a personal price quote. Choosing PICK&MOVE means never having to worry about stuffing all your items into a unit that’s too small or overpaying for a larger unit than you need.

Self Storage in London is now easier than ever  – We pick up, store, and deliver your stuff — for less than what traditional self-storage charges. Storage units cost £9.95 p/w with offers and discounts. Even better Pick&Move storage company will supply boxes and packaging within short notice we can pack entire belongings and transport them safely to our secure storage facilities in London.


Why self storage units London may not be the best storage option for you.

In a big and bustling city like London, real estate is expensive, and so is Self Storage units London. What are self storage units? How to find cheap storage units?  A self storage unit allows you to rent storage space where you can store in a safe and secure environment for a short or long period of time. Unlike full-storage services, self-storage units give you full control over what’s in your storage space and how it can be arranged noting that it’s a DIY storage option.

You arrange the delivery in/out of the storage units,  if you are looking at these options for affordable cheap storage units, the answer is probably you won’t find it. As the name implied “Self” you do everything by yourself, arranging transport, and moving to/from storage units.

The facts are is it won’t save you money and is not the best storage for the long term. Is an expensive way to store. Why not consider more cost-effective alternatives to Selff Storage Unit London from PICK&MOVE?

Is cheap and easy you do not have to leave your home or business because we do all the pickup, store and delivery at your convenience.

Before moving on to how to find storage units cheap, Experience the difference by calling us on 0800 781 9629 or requesting an online quote.


Cheap Self Storage London at the price you can afford.

Finding Cheap Self Storage London that offers the best value is not traditional self storage units like Big Yellow Storage, Access, Shurgard and Safestore, and fort box, which are not cheap and can be very expensive. Firstly, is cumbersome, and hassle you have to arrange your own transportation to and from storage facilities. Secondly, there are usually hidden extra charges for compulsory item coverage that don’t show up on their initial quotes. Thirdly you can expect endless rate rise within 6 months of your contract and so on.

Cheap storage London from Pick&Move is the most cost-effective storage option in the market today, no “DIY” we do all the hard work for you leaving you plenty of time to carry on with the rest of your day. Call us today at 0800 781 9629 to learn more about what PICK&MOVE – can do for you. Our cheap storage specials make it even more affordable to get started,


How Much Does Self Storage Cost in London? The question is on everyone’s mind.

Self Storage cost in London varies for different storage facilities there is one thing in common among big brands eye-watering prices, rate hikes and overpriced insurance. Knowing the right storage option in London will save you money and time. Storage rate in Central London will typically cost £388 p/m for 50 SQF units and 100 SQF will cost £649.00 p/m respectively with self storage providers like Big Yellow and Safestore, Access Storage and more.

Pick&Move Storage unit prices will cost less than any self-storage facilities in London Typical example 75 SQF will cost £165 p/m and 100 SQF will cost £248 p/m compare to traditional self storage you save £219 and £380 respectively, why to pay more for storage? We offer a great discount, collection and delivery making storage easier and stress-free.


Why not compare self storage London prices and start saving with PICK&MOVE.

Pick&move Self storage London prices are significantly cheap when compared to traditional self storage options, it often costs less than half of what you will normally pay with self-storage alternatives, The added benefit of convenience, pickup and delivery back when you need it is, the PICK&MOVE storage rate from just £18.99 per week.


35 SQF  Cost £25.75 p/w

75 SQF Cost £45.92 p/w

NOTE: Discount available on top of our low price. Special rate for long-term storage

  • Long term storage Specials Storage
  • 50% Off for 16 Weeks
  • Free Collection
  • Free Insurance
  • Limited time only GET a Quote Now

Storage Collect and Store: Better Alternatives to Self Storage.

  • We collect, Store and Return on demand
  • Free Collection option available.
  • The great discount of 50% off up to 16 weeks
  • Perfect Long-term storage very low rate.
  • Packing service, boxes and packaging supplied
  • Safe secure 24/7 video surveillance
  • Dry clean no moisture or humidity.


The personal reason why you may need Self Storage London

Self-storage comes on its own when there are changes in your life. You may be:

  • moving house
  • renovating your home
  • decluttering rooms
  • travelling or moving abroad
  • at university or college
  • going through a divorce
  • having a baby
  • clearing out a property after a bereavement

How businesses can use Self Storage London

Freeing up valuable office space is vital for any business Self-storage London allows you to create space in your work premises. And it prevents your office from looking like a warehouse. Whatever the size of your company, Pick&Move Storage units can:

  • give you somewhere to store your archives and files
  • provide a safe and secure place for your tools and equipment
  • give you room for your stock and merchandise
  • take your furniture off your hands during an office move or refurbishment


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Storage Size Guide: Request a Call Back

How to pack successfully when moving into storage facilities.