Self storage locations in London

Are you searching for Self Storage London Locations that are convenient? PICK&MOVE covers all London area so looking for storage near me shouldn’t be a problem, Pick&Move Mobile Storage Collect from your doorstep in London Location, it eliminates any hassle associated with traditional self-storage or the need for nearby storage facilities having to travel, transport to and from storage units because Pick&Move storage company made storage easy, convenient and flexible at affordable rates.

If you are looking for a storage collection covering all London Postcode from £1.55 per day. There is a special deal of  50% off for 16 weeks for long terms of storage with free collection and insurance.

London is an exciting place to live, work and study. However, storage space is difficult to come by. Looking for the right storage location that is cheap and convenient can be a headache especially the further away from your home or businesses you worry about transporting your goods to/from storage facilities all that is in the past PICK&MOVE storage eliminate all the inconveniences associated with “self-storage near me”  it saves you time and money too,

We pick up and deliver all over London.


The solution is easy and we do best regardless of what locations you are in London, we pickup from the comfort of your home or office in London. No more DIY we are here to make self-storage in London convenient and hassle-free. Most of us accumulate belongings over the years so where can you safely store your belongings at a price you can afford?

Pick&Move mobile storage solutions are near you since we eliminate all the hassle and inconveniences of storage, we are the ultimate storage solution with the worry of any distance or location, we collect, store and deliver for less than the cost of self-storage in London.

We collect right from your doorstep. We offer spacious, clean and safe storage units for your furniture, personal belongings, company archive or inventory. Pick&Move portable storage units are the perfect alternative to self-storage, garage, attic or cellar!

Why Storage Collection & Delivery is a better option than traditional self-storage for Londoners.

Locations are all too important when considering Self Storage, With PICK&MOVE you don’t because our Mobile storage is the future of self-storage with convenient pickup services across London.

self-storage locations are no longer a problem, whether you are near a storage facility or not. We’ll do all of the hard work for you from collecting your goods to storing them saving you money, time and effort. You can focus on the things that really matter. We’re committed to continually providing the best possible storage service in London. Storing the old way is expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming. Some of our benefits are listed below:

  • We pick up, store, and bring back your stuff–– all for less than the price of self-storage.
  • No surprise rate increase unlike self-storage, low cost all year
  • In addition to our Low rate, Great Discounts for long-term storage
  • FREE Collection for long-term storage lowering our cost even further.
  • FREE Insurance for all customers
  • FREE Packaging if you are in for the long haul
  • No obligation on-site pre-move survey and more!
  • Professional packing service
  • One-stop for Moving & Storage

Are you looking for Self Storage near me?

At Pick&Move we like to keep our prices nice and simple eliminating all the headaches of doing it yourself. The problem with “self storage near me” is that your choices may be limited to 3 miles radius, which is the model operated by self storage in London

Often expensive storage units and the effort of getting your belonging to and from the storage facilities is your responsibility PICK&MOVE storage alternatives no need to leave the comfort of your home or business, no truck to hire and no more long dark corridors or pushing trolleys. Since we are a mobile storage provider getting your goods to and from and no longer a problem we simply collect right from your premises all across London postcodes.

Here’s how easy we make it: All you have to do is box up any smaller storage items you may have, give us a rough estimate of how much storage you have, and schedule your pick-up date. From loading to unloading, we’ll do the rest and we do it all for less than the cost of self-storage in London

Removals van getting ready to help Londoners with moves

How compare are your storage units? Do you offer any storage discounts?

 Self Storage London Locations Special Offers

We offer unbeatable discount envy of our competitors.

  • 50% Off for 16 Weeks
  • Free Collection
  • Free Insurance              Limited time only GET a Quote Now 

Self-storage is notorious for confusing and complicated offers to lure in, the truth is not hard to find, more customers are moving to us from Self Storage simply because they couldn’t keep up with the pace of price increases, is inevitable if you are in self-storage you will be paying through the roof and so is the insurance premium year after year. We offer better alternative storage solutions in London. Did you know the longer you store with Pick&Move the lower your rate when renewed?

At Pick&Move we often run Special Offers and Discounts. Straightforward deals in addition to our already low rate. Get a No Obligation Quote today to find out what special offer you qualify for and start saving.

How secure are my belongings?

We take security very seriously. We want you to feel completely at ease when storing with us. As such, all Pick&Move Self Storage London Locations complete with 24/7 CCTV, are clean, and dry without fear of moisture or humidity.  Covered by 24hr CCTV surveillance and multi-zone alarm and fire systems.

Facilities are also tightly controlled using PIN access control systems which allow us to restrict access to any unauthorised person. All our storage containers are tracked, and movement is logged onto our computers until required by our client.