Self Storage East Finchley

Searching for Self Storage East Finchley or near your location? East Finchley. With many competitors around you and choosing from various types of storage units can be stressful.  At PICK&MOVE Storage, our managers are trained by professionals listen to your needs properly for storing your personal possessions.  Regardless of whether you need economical or premium storage for personal or business needs, PICK&MOVE Storage offers secure, clean units in well lighted, controlled access facilities at great prices.


What is the benefits of using PICK&MOVE Storage Company in East Finchley?


We Collect.

PICK&MOVE re invent the way you store Finding the time in your busy schedule to organise belongings to and from a storage facility can be frustrating and difficult. Moving the contents of a full house is a tiresome task that often requires careful planning
PICK&MOVE Storage units eliminate all the hassle and inconvenience of storing your goods we collect direct from your doorsteps. Need packing service as optional?


We Store.

If you are going on an overseas holiday, are waiting for your new home or business to be ready or simply want to create more space in your home by keeping certain belongings off-site in storage, Storing is an ART of preserving present to serve you in future our secure facility  provide safety,clean dry without moisture or humidity 24/7 CCTV monitoring and control access until you are ready to move back


We Deliver

Organise re-delivery of your belongings takes only a phone call to inform us your readiness to accept your goods back into your home, each items placed into your designated area we can unpack as optional service if required.



Many ways to use storage units in North Finchley.


                       CLEAR OUT THE EXCESS

Self Storage East Finchley Pick and MoveStore any excess items in a PICK&MOVE storage units so you can reclaim your shed, your garage, your cellar or any other room in your house.



Self Storage East Finchley Pick and MoveHOME STAGING AND DECLUTTERING

When preparing your house for sale, PICK&MOVE storage units are the simple solution. you can store excess furniture and belongings to allow prospective buyers to see your home, not what’s in it.. We offer DE-cluttering service boxes supplied and items packed for storage


Self Storage East Finchley Pick and MoveRENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION

Whatever the scope of your projects. Protect your belongings from dirt, dust and demolition by storing them in our storage units while your home can still be liveable even during complicated and lengthy home improvement projects.


Self Storage East Finchley Pick and MoveBETWEEN HOMES

Often things doesn’t go as planned if you need storage between moves we’ll store your contents in one of our storage units, store and deliver it to your new location when you need it local or international.


Self Storage East Finchley Pick and MoveBUSINESS STORAGE

Freeing up expensive office space make by using one of our storage units is ideal solution for a variety of business storage needs. Using storage units for extra inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, special event materials – even your important archives.



Why not start today by renting storage units North Finchley from PICK&MOVE. Call 0800 781 9629 or 0207 205 2744


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