If you are planning to move your home or relocate overseas, ask yourself why do I need Moving Survey? it is important to understand that removals in London are closely linked to a moving survey that cannot be overlooked. The survey involves creating a comprehensive and tailor-made moving plan that details all your requirements, including any special equipment or materials needed.

The surveyor will also advise you on the most appropriate route and method of moving your belongings. Moreover, the survey ensures that every single item in your home is included in the plan, ensuring that nothing gets left behind.

Hiring a full-service removal company can be a daunting task, especially when you know that there are several companies out there just looking to take your money. However, it’s important to emphasize that a reputable moving company is not out to get you. Rather, they want to provide you with the best moving experience possible so that you will be satisfied with their services and recommend them to others. One important step in avoiding fraudulent moving companies and getting an accurate estimate from a reliable mover is to get a move survey.

Pick&Move Removals London can assist you with your moving needs. The survey is free and comes with no obligation, as you would expect from a reputable London removal service.

“It’s all about the details. They matter.”

Let’s delve into the best-case scenario. Imagine you’re moving to a new place, and you want to get a reliable moving company to help you with the process. You have two options to get a quote – either over the phone or by inviting a representative from the company to assess your belongings beforehand. There are different kinds of survey

The former may seem convenient at first, but it can lead to problems later on. While you might assume you know what you have in your own home, it’s easy to overlook items or their locations while describing them over the phone to someone who has no idea about your possessions. This can result in a misleading inventory and, consequently, inaccurate pricing. Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a representative from the moving company assess your belongings physically to avoid any discrepancies and ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Things like what’s stored in the attic, that closet under the stairs, or that back room in the basement nobody visits (because it’s just too creepy!) slip people’s minds while trying to assess everything they own over the phone.  Your moving company rep has experience in creating inventories and knows where to look in your house, even if you forgot.  Allowing a moving company rep to come in and assess your household goods will help him generate a more accurate quote, resulting in a better move.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you have found a moving company, but they require a phone survey of your belongings before they can give you a quote. You agree to the survey and try your best to be thorough, but you feel like the survey is being rushed. Once the call is over, you feel fairly confident about the information you provided, but you can’t help feeling anxious as you await the arrival of the movers.

Finally, the day arrives, and your items are loaded onto the vehicle. At this point, the driver comes back to you and says that you have more items than what you told them over the phone, and he will have to increase the price of your move. You are now at his mercy and feel helpless.

All your belongings are loaded onto the van, but they will only be released if you agree to pay the new price. This is a scam in progress.

Moving companies conduct in-home surveys to give accurate quotes and provide better service. For consumers, it ensures a professional has assessed everything to be moved, preventing fraudulent movers who avoid assessments to avoid being caught.

Planning Removals in London getting a “moving survey will provide a better move and help keep you a bit safer from fraudulent moving companies.