Removals in London goes hand in hand with moving survey cannot be overlooked if you moving your home or relocating overseas, it involved comprehensive and detailed tailor-made moving plan, detailing your requirements, including special equipment or materials needed advising on the most appropriate route and method of moving your belongings and making sure that every single item in your home is included in the plan.

Hiring a full-service removal company can be a daunting task, especially knowing that there are several companies out there just looking to take your money.  Before going any further, I would like to emphasize that a reputable moving company is not out to get you, but rather, wants to provide you with the best moving experience they can, so you will be inclined to use their services again and recommend them to your friends, relatives and neighbors.  Getting a move survey is important in not only avoiding fraudulent moving companies, but also in helping you get an accurate estimate from a reputable mover. Pick&Move Removals London can help with your all moving survey is free no obligation as you will expect from a reputable London removals

Let’s talk about the best case scenario.  You’ve found yourself a reputable moving company and you’d like a quote.  You can do it two ways, over the phone or with the company sending a rep to assess your goods prior to giving you a quote.  Creating an inventory over the phone may seem like a good idea at the time, but can cause you problems down the road.  While you would think that most people would be the experts as to what they have in their own home, it’s easy to forget items and locations within your home while trying to give your inventory to someone over the phone who has no idea what you have.  Things like what’s stored in the attic, or that closet under the stairs, or that back room in the basement nobody visits (because it’s just too creepy!) are things that slip people’s minds while trying to assess everything they own over the phone.  Your moving company rep has experience in creating inventories, and knows where to look in your house, even if you forgot.  Allowing a moving company rep to come in and assess your household goods will help him generate a more accurate quote, resulting in a better move.

More importantly, let’s look at the worst case scenario.  You’ve found a mover, but they insist on a phone survey of your belongings.  You agree to the phone survey, being as absolutely thorough as you can be, but the survey seems rushed.  By the time you get off the phone, you feel pretty good about your time spent, and are now nervously waiting on the mover to arrive.  Moving day comes and your items are loaded on the vehicle, at which point the driver comes back and tells you that you have more items than you told them over the phone, and he will have to increase the price of your move!  At this point, you are at his mercy.  All your items are on the van and if you don’t agree to the new terms, they will leave with all of your belongings until you do agree to pay the new price.  The Scam has begun.

From the removals company’s perspective, moving survey gives them the ability to give you an accurate quote, and in turn give you the best service they possibly can for your money.  From your perspective, the consumer, having a company perform an in-home estimate means security in the knowledge that a professional has come to your home and seen everything you have.  Fraudulent movers don’t want to come see your stuff because it gives them the ability to perform the fraud.

Planning Removals in London getting a “moving survey will provide you with a better move and help keep you a bit safer from fraudulent moving companies.