Pick & Move have put this information together that you might find useful if you are about to move house, is a great initiative from the mayor’s office that will benefit you if considering relocating within the UK

Housing Moves is the Mayor of London’s housing mobility scheme that allows tenants of London boroughs or housing associations to move outside their existing borough to a different part of London. It is run by the Greater London Authority and the majority of London boroughs and housing associations are participating. If you are London Council Tenants, Things you should know about Tenants Program

You can use this website to register for Housing Moves.

Council Tenants Program #1. The Seaside & Country Homes Scheme

Seaside & Country Homes offers older tenants of London’s councils and housing associations the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city These are either two-bedroom bungalows or one and two-bedroom flats.

The scheme helps around 150 households to move from London each year to bungalows or flats in desirable seaside and countryside locations. If you are London Council Tenants, Things you should know about Tenants Program Pick and Move

Some of those who have moved in the past chose to do so to be closer to family or friends. Others have sought out locations where they spent childhood holidays or about which they have other happy memories. For many, the appeal lies in a quieter, more relaxed way of life, living among people of a similar age

All London boroughs are participating in Seaside & Country Homes. However, all the other eligibility criteria for Housing Moves also apply to Seaside & Country Homes and you must also:

  • be at least 60 years of age. If a joint application the lead applicant must be at least 60 years of age
  • If there is a second applicant under the age of 60 they must be either a partner or spouse, current joint tenant with or registered carer of the lead applicant.
  • have a maximum household size of two persons The Housing Moves scheme helps council and housing association tenants move to a different home outside of the borough they live in at the moment.    To be eligible for Housing Moves, you must:
  • be a current housing association or council tenant
  • be living in a London borough that is participating in the Housing Moves scheme.
  • have a secure or an assured tenancy. To find out what type of tenancy you have, please look at your tenancy agreement or contact your landlord
  • not going through possession proceedings or being evicted.
  • be up to date with your rent • have no ongoing anti-social behavior issues.

It is very important that you read the Seaside & Country Homes Scheme Guide and Seaside & Country Homes Areas and Properties Guide before you make your application. The Scheme Guide will help you consider whether moving from London is right for you. It will also tell you about what will happen once you have applied for the scheme.

Council Tenants Program #2. Housing Moves

Housing Moves is a London wide lettings scheme, run by the Mayor of London. The scheme helps social tenants in London who wish to move from one part of the capital to another.

Priority is given to households who have more bedrooms in their current home than they need or who wish to move to be closer to employment or higher education and also given to those who are overcrowded in their current home or those who need to move to provide care to family members or friends.

The scheme is for existing social housing tenants living in London. Eligibility for the scheme, and how households are prioritized, is explained in this booklet. If you are eligible and wish to register you will need to complete an online registration form. This can be found at www.housingmoves.org to register your interest.

Council Tenants Program #3. Home Swapper

If you live in a rented social housing but you wish to change the address quickly, then you better try the Home Swapper network. All you have to do is to go online and register your property. The website will automatically match your current home with potential matches. This is for rented accommodation only

Getting Prepared to move to your new home plan early.

  • The earlier you start to plan your move the easier it will be; even if you have not been offered a property it is a good idea to make a list of things to do and be aware of the costs involved.
  • You may need to book a removal company. They will need to know how many items you need to move and whether you wish for them to pack your belongings for you. If you are downsizing into a smaller home, your current landlord might be able to help you with some of the removal costs. You should contact them for more details.