Are you thinking about moving house? or wondering how much removals companies charge in London. It’s important to consider the real cost of moving and what to budget, and level of engagement you willing to partake, would you be packing yourself, dismantling or relax and let your removal contractor do all the work for you, the choice is yours.

Have you ever wonder how much do removal companies charge? A good rule of thumb then is to think in terms of paying a few percent of the value of your contents to have everything protected, insured, and professionally transported is pretty good value for peace of mind. The alternative could be having them piled in the back of a van which may not be road-legal or whose operator isn’t licensed to freight goods above a certain weight – in which case you may not have much of a leg to stand on if things go wrong.


Moving is different for everyone, there are several factors affecting the price of a move include:

  • how much stuff you have: more stuff = higher volume/more weight = bigger or multiple vehicles.
  • more stuff also means bigger removal crews to get it all packed and loaded.
  • if you want the convenience and protection of the crew packing for you.
  • if you need strong packing materials provided.
  • how far the van(s) have to travel: further = more fuel costs.
  • the possibility of overnight stays to comply with long-distance driving regulations – in the UK drivers have to have a 45-minute break every 4.5 hours.
  • if you have high-value special items e.g. pianos or artworks that need extra care and special attention.
  • how fast you want the move to happen. If you want to be done and dusted inside a day, the only way to do it is having more crew members to help out.
  • if you are moving during peak seasons (school holidays) or weekends at times of high demand.
  • There’s a lot to consider which is why a good removal company in London will ask to visit your property to ensure their price is accurate and all the factors have been considered. Prices can range roughly from around £450 for a small 2 bedroom house up to several thousand for really large houses and complicated long-distance moves. Be wary of anyone giving rough estimates over the phone – until an expert estimator sees your property there’s just no way of factoring everything in.