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Choosing Removals & Storage London from PICK&MOVE makes all the difference. Whether you’re renovating, moving house or travelling abroad you need convenient Removals and Storage London for long or short terms.

Why not consider PICK&MOVE combined removals and storage the options that save you time and hassle, convenient and yet affordable solutions you will find from Pick&Move.

That’s why with our Removals and Storage there’s no need to hire a van or leave your home or office the two go hand in hand. Pick&Move professional removals and storage service in London with a team of experts who customized your plan to ensure that as smoothly as possible.

Whether you moving entire furniture for storage for as long as you want, we have affordable solutions for you, if are searching for “Furniture removal and storage near me” contact us today to schedule a pickup for your Removal and storage needs we cover the whole of London.

Our highly experienced team offer a flexible and efficient service to meet your removals and storage requirements. We can provide full-service moving and storage solutions, supply boxes and packaging and pack the entire contents giving you more time to focus on other issues.

Call us today on 0800 781 9629 for fast and efficient services.


Why Hire Professional Removal and Storage companies London.

Packing Service for removals & storage Whether you’re waiting to close on your new home, preparing to sell your old place or simply looking for a space to store some extra belongings, PICK&MOVE removal and storage company is London based. With a professional team that will save you time and money with our full – service. We get it: relocating can be expensive and you may want to cut costs where you can.

There are plenty of local removal and storage companies to choose from. However, PICK&MOVE will personalize every aspect of your move! We have warehouses located across London, so no matter where you are and where you’re headed, PICK&MOVE can store your goods safely.


A DIY approach or Let PICK&MOVE Furniture Removals and Storage help you with a combination of services.

A DIY move can save you some money — but it does come with its own costs and risks. Don’t underestimate how stressful and time-consuming it can be to pack up your entire home and spend a full day loading a truck.

That’s on top of trying to plan logistics, watch kids, and make sure nothing is overlooked. Can you even be sure that you packed properly and nothing will be broken? With PICK&MOVE  Furniture removals and storage experts, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled efficiently and correctly.

The experienced, trained pros at our affordable PICK&MOVE  removal and storage company go above and beyond to make your relocation experience as fast, easy, and stress-free as possible. We’ll arrive on moving day with the right supplies and equipment, ensure everything is protected and packed for the trip, and handle all of the heavy liftings. You can sit back and look forward to the excitement of your new location.

Save Money with pick&move Removals and Storage Near Me.

Since 2004, PICK&MOVE has been helping Londoners looking for “Removals and storage near me” we make this easy for our customers by listening to their storage and moving needs. That’s why our removal and storage near me is convenient because we do all the work for you without you lifting a finger. The best part is very competitive and much cheaper than most competitors. we provide value-added removals and storage with our generous discount and full moving services.

We cover the whole of London and the entire UK, Whether you need furniture removal and storage for your home or business we come to you within short notice and pack the entire contents for storage at our secure storage facilities. Call us on 0800 781 9629 or request a quotation for speedy collection.


Why use PICK&MOVE Furniture removal and storage company?

Affordable, convenient furniture storage alternative from £21.35 p/w for 35 SQF Units.

The good news is our “furniture removals and storage London” are perfect for long-term storage and will save you a considerable amount of money, less than half what self-storage charges. All of our containers are stored in a secure, indoor modern warehouse.

Our storage facilities offer 24/7 security, fully alarmed with video surveillance and site staffing, along with advanced motion sensors for additional security. Dry and clean without moisture or humidity perfect for household or business storage solutions in London for the long or short term.

  • Convenient, we collect right from the doorstep, store and deliver.
  • Full moving services with packing option.
  • Cheaper than self-storage
  • Free Pre-Move Survey, unlike self-storage.
  • No extra costs are involved in hiring vans, trucks or and no special licences required
  • One-stop-shop we can Pack, Supply boxes, and dismantle furniture, unlike self-storage.
  • We can move you locally or internationally at affordable rates
  • We are different, the longer you store the cheaper our rate year exceptional benefit if you are in for the long haul.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can PICK&MOVE pack my home?

Yes. Want to skip the hours of packing and worry that something will get broken? Our movers offer expert packing services with the right supplies for a worry-free relocation.

What size storage units would I need for my furniture’s 

Depending on the quantities, PICK&MOVE have different storage sizes for all needs from 16 sqft to 500 sqft units.

Can you dismantle & reassemble my furniture?

Yes, PICK&MOVE can arrange the services for you by our team of furniture assemblers.

When should I call a moving company?

Ideally, you should get in touch with movers a minimum of 4 weeks before the big move. Get an estimate and schedule service even if you don’t know the exact date yet.

Is there a minimum number of hours for hiring movers OR fixed pricing?

For local moves, you usually need to book a minimum of two to three hours or sometimes often more depending on the scope of the move itself. Pick&move also provide fixed-rate quotation giving you peace of mind and a reduced rate on storage as combined services.

Do moving companies in London have surcharges or hidden fees?

Some movers do charge additional fees and surcharges that may not be included in your estimates like fuel surcharges or fees for oversized items. At PICK&MOVE, we do not have surcharges or hidden costs — we believe you have enough on your plate and offer upfront, transparent pricing.

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