Long Term Storage London

Do you need Long term storage London that is secure and cost-effective storage alternatives?. The good news is PICK&MOVE collect from your doorstep, eliminate all the hassle associated with traditional self storage options, Is flexible, smart and convenient storage solutions. Cheaper than self storage, you never have to visit storage facilities again prices from just 99p per day perfect solution for long term storage for household and businesses in London.

Renting storage units for the long term has its advantages and families tend to gather furniture and additional items over the years. It is only natural that families would like to safe keep its valuables long term: for the kids as they grow up, for sentimental value, or simply because they are expensive. In such cases, it may make more sense to consider renting Long term storage from Pick&Move. Most importantly you may need “long term storage units near me” Are you worried about how easy to transport your goods to storage facilities? you need not worry with PICK&MOVE our storage collect and delivery services eliminate any inconvenience and make storage very easy with great rates and FREE COLLECTION.

Great rates with FREE COLLECTION.

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Cheap Long Term Storage Solutions.

Long Term Storage London Pick and MoveAre you looking for cheap long term storage? Claim back your garage or office space with our low-cost storage unit, cheaper than any storage facilities in London, our cheap long term storage in London offer exceptional value, We collect FREE without you leaving your home or office with savings of 64% cheaper than traditional self storage option. Containers are used for a variety of valuable storage options. Home renovations or need a place to store your furniture while construction. For the college student studying abroad during the summer, or just de-cluttering your office Pick &Move cheap storage units is a great option for storing belongings for long terms.


When is long term storage generally required?

  • Travelling Abroad – You may travel abroad for a long term period and long term storage solutions may be required, such as relocation, a long vacation, etc.
  • Lacking storage space – You may have plenty of valuables to store but for different reasons you cannot store them in your house, such as moving into a smaller house – from a house and garden to an apartment or to a new house which does not consist of a basement or sufficient storage place – or simply since you decided to sort out your house contents and clear items which are not infrequent use.
  • Business and Professional Content Storage – Businesses often require storage space, particularly when the business space is not large enough or not intended for storage or maybe expanding. In such cases, it is possible, and often times much more cost-effective, by renting our portable storage unit
  • Renovating your home or office or downsizing.


 The benefits of Long Term Storage with Pick&Move?

Our long term furniture storage is the most cost-effective options, the rate is 45-60% cheaper than self storage:  We collect, We store, We Deliver

  • Prepayment discount between 25% and 10%
  • No price hike between contract unlike self storage
  • No expensive deposit to pay
  • No need to hire a truck
  • Free packing materials worth £110 or £50 depending on unit size and duration of storage.
  • FREE collection from your doorstep
  • FREE Insurance saving you money
  • Fixed-rate for 5 years duration’s
  • Low cost all year round cheaper option
  • One-stop for moving and storage



Save Money Today With Our Long Term Storage Solutions.

“Save time and money over traditional self-storage services our Long Term Storage London offers the best value. Why rush to load, unload, and return an expensive rental truck? or hire a removal company when you can move and store with Pick & Move.  We Collect, Store and Deliver back at your convenience. Our Free Collection designed to take out all the hassle that many of us encounter when storing our goods and you do not need to leave your home or office need help in packing for storage?



How To Get Started.

If you looking for the best value, secure, fully alarmed modern Long Term storage London you’ve come to the right place. Even if you already have a quote we GUARANTEED to get you a better deal simply call us on 0800 781 9629, 0207 205 2744 or Email us. You will be surprised how much you will save

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