Moving to Dubai presents you with great opportunities for doing business as well as visiting some of the most magnificent places in the world, Knowing things to do before will save you lots of hassle.

To-do list

1. Sort out Visa and Passport – Check passports have at least 2 years remaining

Foreign & Commonwealth Office


2. Understand shipping costs and obtain quotes

Shipping International to Dubai

3. Ask your bank for credit references

4. Switch to online banking & statements

5. Credit cards & unpaid debts – receive full closing Statements

6. Cancel direct debits and standing orders (utilities & service providers)

7. Inform official organization’s – DVLA, NI Service, Inland Revenue

8. Open an offshore account.

9. Obtain handover files from your dentist & doctor

10. Obtain temporary accommodation

Dubai Property

11. Identify and register children in school

BSME: British Schools in the Middle East

Schools and Universities in Dubai

12. Organize transfer of family pets


Passport for Pets

13. Talk to other ex-pats

Dubai Forum

Get a Skype account for cheap and easy internet telephony communications

14. Finally, get a great Shipping Quote to Dubai, Don’t delay


Now that you are here.

The UAE is made up 7 emirates

Many people don’t know this, but the UAE is actually made up of 7 different Emirates, the most famous of which are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Each emirate has a different ruler and different sets of laws. Some adhere more to Islamic law while others do not.