Storage Size Guide

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need

Before renting a storage unit, ask yourself what size storage unit you need to store your belongings. Knowing what you need to store is the first step. Next, you can calculate the storage unit size that your items will fit in by using a storage unit size calculator. You will want to choose the right size storage unit for your residential or business storage needs

A good storage company will ask you the right questions about the goods you store to get a clear idea of what storage size will be adequate, and advise on how best to utilize your storage unit. As a quick Guild to follow through as outlined below:

(For Guidance Only)

16 SQF – Small garden shed

25 SQF – Small garden shed

35 SQF – Large garden shed

50 SQF – Half a garage

75 SQF – Three-quarters of the garage

100 SQF – Single garage

150 SQF – Garage and a half

200 SQF – Double garage size

By house sizes (For Guidance Only)

1-bedroom House/Flat                                         50 – 75 sq ft room

2-bedroom house/flat 75 – 100 sq ft room
3-bedroom house 100 – 150 sq ft room
4-bedroom house 150 – 200 sq ft room
Transit Van 30 – 50 sq ft room
Luton Van 75 – 100 sq ft room
7.5-tonne van 150 – 200 sq ft room

Don’t despair storage size can be upgraded as well as downsized on the day of the move. Now is the time to get your Storage Quote