Moving Tips

Before you move our help and advice moving tips are useful resources PICK&MOVE understand that no two moves are ever the same. First, draft a moving checklist that includes a timeline. Everyone’s timeline will look different depending on how much notice is given before the move. Some people will have two months and others might have two weeks. Next, include a realistic moving budget.

By visually organizing your move, you can keep a handle on events as they unfold. Not sure where to start? Print out our comprehensive moving checklist and put it inside a designated moving binder.

Do you want to know how to pack and move fast? Are you interested in ways you can make moving easier and less stressful? If that’s the case, some of these moving tips might alter the way you approach moving for the better.

Take some time out to familiarize yourself with these clever moving tricks, hacks and organization ideas that can set the tone for your move.

Remember to book your move weeks in advance — you’re not the only person trying to get out of your property on the last day of the month. check out our moving tips that will make your life so much easierhelp-and-advice moving tips

23 things to do before move Check out useful moving tips:

  • Book your removal as soon as you can confirm the date and time A map showing your new address is always useful
  • Sort through your belongings a few weeks before moving and get rid of unwanted items or donate to charities 
  • Remember to notify friends and relatives.
  • When you pack and box use plain paper, not a newspaper. Otherwise, your possessions may get covered in print.
  • Avoid loading more than fifty pounds per box Label each box and indicate which room it should go in with a brief description.
  • Use appropriate labels if fragile Put heavier items at the bottom of boxes, and lighter items at the top.
  • Never overpack cartons, has damage almost always happens
  • Stemmed glassware should be packed on its side,
  • Tumblers should be packed with the base upward
  • If you pick up a box and it rattles, Pick & Move recommend you pack it again.
  • Electronic items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, smaller items can go into cartons Videos should go in their original boxes or packages.
  • Carry all valuables with you
  • Try to leave children and pets with friends or relatives
  • Start running down freezer components early
  • Notify your doctor, dentist and optician
  • Tell your bank and building society your new address
  • Notify TV licence, DVLA and Passport office
  • Clear the loft, it is normally your responsibility to bring these items down prior to removal unless you have fixed stairs and a boarded floor
  • If you have oil, liquid or gas containers, be sure to drain them
  • Filing cabinets are best moved empty to keep their shape intact.
  • Bedding, linen, duvets, pillows etc should be placed flat in cartons
  • Take down curtains and blinds.
  • Remember, do not pack flammables
  • Finally, always carry out a thorough final check before you leave to make sure nothing has been left behind