Help and Advice

Don’t forget to start packing up early, moving can often be stressful there is so much to think about, and this will leave you with less to do the nearer you get to moving day.

Planning Your Move packing

Planning appropriately is essential for your move. The first step in your moving process is to get a free estimate. Once that is complete, you can decide which available services best fit your moving budget. It’s best to contact us with as much notice as possible before you move—it’s ideal when we can provide an estimate five to six weeks before your desired move date.

Working With a Move Manager

Your move manager is your point of contact for any questions or concerns about your move. They’ll oversee the process from start to finish all while working directly with moving agents, drivers, loaders, customer service representatives and you.

PICK&MOVE  move managers are available for consultation at any point during the process. And remember, you can always check out our moving guides 


Packing correctly is critical for keeping your items safe! Bekins offers optional expert packing services, but if you decide to pack your belongings yourself, we suggest you take a look at our packing guides. If you decide to use our packing services, explore our protection

Pack early by using quality moving boxes and pack things like books, CDs and DVDs that you don’t use every day