Furniture Storage London

Furniture storage London doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Whether you’re storing furniture long term or for a few months you need storage facility free of moisture or humidity for an extended period of time? Your stuff is in safe hands with the storage professionals at Pick&Move storage company with over 15 years experience.


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Long term furniture storage in London


Smart,Convenient furniture Storage Company in London.

Furniture storage London whatever project planned. In for long or short haul, no matter how long you need to store your furniture, Pick&Move storage unit is perfect for long term furniture storage, clean, dry and secure storage unit. We collect store and return for home or business as one stop for all your needs..


Furniture Storage Cost made easy, the longer you store the lower our rates. Wait there is more!

We offer secure storage for furniture at prices you can afford, our long term storage cost is significantly lower the longer the duration the cheaper our storage rate, even better we go further when you renew your storage contract your rate gets lower unlike traditional self storage in London which rises year after year.

 Use our storage size estimator to find the right size or contact us today on 0800 781 9629 for assistance.


PICK&MOVE Furniture Storage Company in London Collect, Store and Return total flexibility for home and business.

Within short notice we can supply boxes and packaging, pack your entire furniture been able to store your furniture quickly can mean the difference between keeping and losing a  house sale. For business furniture storage we can act as extension to your office or showroom, pick&pack and order processing, delivery to your customers or your office as needed.. Pick&Move can keep your belongings in one of our furniture storage facilities at the shortest notice to allow you total flexibility. Finding furniture storage near me is easy we collect from entire London postcode and M25 for great value and tailored solution contact us today.


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