Flat Removals London

Are you looking for an affordable “Flat Removals London” that fits your budget?  Our team has access to everything you need for the smoothest and most successful transition into a new flat or apartment.
Consider us your one-stop shop for professional-grade packing materials and moving trucks or vans. We can even help disassemble and reassemble more oversized furniture items.
At PICK&MOVE, we understand there are many options for flat removals in a busy city such as London, where parking is a significant issue or moving to a flat with poor access. But we are the best. With years of experience, professional equipment, and an unparalleled work ethic, our team ensures a smooth move. We treat your apartment, kitchen supplies, furniture, and more as if it were our own.
Take a load off and let us handle the stressful moving parts so you can enjoy getting into your new space. Call us today to schedule your apartment movers and discuss your needs in our free consultation and estimate.

Flat Movers London

Hiring Midway PICK&MOVE as your preferred flat mover London movers is a wise decision. Handling this type of move in a big city like London presents many issues. Our team is aware of the challenges that may arise when moving, even if it’s just down the block. While attempting to move on your own may seem like a cost-effective solution, we believe the cost of hiring professionals outweighs the time and energy you will save.
Therefore, instead of relying on your friends and offering them pizza and beer, we recommend you enjoy the many benefits of hiring professional movers.Flat removals London - packing team

All our vehicles are equipped with blankets, boxes, ties and bubble wrap to ensure the safe transit of your goods. And packing of computer-related equipment. Pack, store and unpack services, over the years we have maintained a strong relationship with our ever-increasing base of valued customers.


Flat Moving Services is affordable with PICK&MOVE.

Whether you are looking for “flat moving services” or small house flat removal in London, we have a dedicated moving team with experience to match; we have an expert team to assist you and look into such issues listed below for a stress-free moving experience.

  • Parking Permits: Are you aware of the special parking permits you will need to block the streets of the alleyway when attempting to bring in your furniture and boxes? Don’t get hassled by the traffic warden, and let us file for these permits to get you safely into your new flat. You could face fines and have to end up relocating the truck.
  • Elevator Reservations: If you are moving to a multi-floor or high-rise apartment building, you will need access to the utility elevator or reserve the main one. Getting your belongings in without one can lead to a severe headache and not a good first impression with your neighbours.
  • Packing Material: PICK&MOVE has everything you need to pack, from mugs to computers and even marble statues, if that’s your aesthetic. Our professional-grade packing materials give you peace of mind as we load up each box with your items.
  • Specialized Inventory System: When packing your items, you may lose track of where your coffee cups went and why the toiletries got packed with your gardening equipment. When you unpack and prepare your space, save time by following our inventory sheets.