EC2 Self Storage

EC2 Self Storage is made easy by choosing Pick&Move storage in Bishopsgate we effortlessly arrange your moving and storage needs. We collect store and deliver back when you need it, our secure storage unit is a cheaper and better option than traditional self storage in EC2.

Storage prices from just £1.42 per day. As an alternative to traditional self-storage, portable storage units are quickly becoming the primary choice for both home and business uses. We provide full-service storage from packing the entire contents to store and delivering them back to you when you need them.

If you are planning to store why not choose a Pick&Move storage company with free collection in  EC2, Bishopsgate, Barbican, Liverpool Street and surrounding areas. Self Storage has its own problem travelling up and down storage facilities or hiring a van has its own problem.

We have safe and secure storage facilities, so you can rest assured that all of your belongings will be protected round the clock, fully alarmed, CCTV and gated storage facilities.


 How storage collection and delivery in EC2 works in 3 – simple steps.

Traditional self-storage units are fraught with potential headaches and hassle. There are hidden fees and ever-increasing monthly rates. You have to factor in petrol, use of vehicle, and even the cost of providing your own lock. But with PICK&MOVE all of this is taken care of for you. It’s no joke when we say we have a better answer for about the same total cost as self-storage. Completely stress-free and much cheaper too.

We do all the heavy lifting. Our professional movers safely transport your valuables to storage.

We securely store your belongings in a private storage unit, fully alarmed,24/7 CCTV monitoring.

Need your belongings back?
We will bring them to you
when you’re ready.


Are you looking for Cheap Storage Units in EC2?

PICK&MOVE storage units provide a secure place for customers to store their belongings. We handle the details… There’s no need to load your belongings into a truck, haul them to a traditional storage unit, unload them into a unit, only to repeat all the hassle when you are ready to get your belongings back.

Some of our storage offers on top of our low rate starting from just £1.42 per day.

  • DISCOUNT UP TO  50% off for 16 weeks




Compare Mobile Storage vs Self storage in EC2:
What are the benefits?

  • No Need To Leave Your Home or Office, We Collect  Door-to-door EC2 Self Storage Pick and Move
  • Cheaper and Better than Self Storage
  • NO expensive deposit!
  • No need to hire a truck
  • Low cost all year round unlike self-storage
  • Boxes and packaging delivered to your door
  • We can Pack and Unpack
  • One Stop for Moving and Storage needs
  • Fully Insure Secure Storage Facilities.


Our Mobile storage option is smart and convenient saving you time and money, much better than Traditional Self storage in EC2. No more do-it-yourself (DIY). Pick&Move storage solutions are individual portable storage units designed with you in mind, pride us on an affordable secure, safe storage facilities.

Price Match Guarantee!
We’ll match or beat comparable rate in your local area


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