1. Finding cheap long-term storage in London can be a challenging task. Several factors impact the storage prices and the type of storage facilities you choose. Your options are mainly expensive DIY self-storage or full-service on-demand storage, like PICK&MOVE, which offers better discounts for customers looking for long term storage. The company stated you can get up to 50% off for 16 weeks with the pickup throw-in.
  2. To reduce your costs, you should consider going for full-service storage, depending on your needs, especially if you’re looking for long-term storage. It’s crucial to get the best deal possible, which will be cost-effective in the long run. To get the best offers on storage for the short and long term, you should look for options that offer free collections and special discounts for pre-payments.

Which is right for you?

When looking for Long term storage in a big city such as London with many storage providers, narrow your options by determining how much you’re willing to spend, how much access to your goods you require, and whether you need the traditional self-storage option, which is often more expensive than any other storage type, is a DIY option you will need to arrange your own transportation, budget for a padlock and insurance which are often quite expensive.

On the other hand, you may consider a less expensive cheap Storage option for your long-term needs are better value, a totally hassle-free collection from the doorstep and delivery all arranged by the company without any involvement from your side. They can also supply boxes and packaging and pack the entire belongings as an optional service if required.

However, for most people, once they have put their things into storage and closed the door, they won’t require constant access until the time comes to move them on, so in reality, this wouldn’t normally be much of an issue.

Comparing storage prices

In comparison, storage collection and delivery from companies such as PICK&MOVE offer better value and is the perfect solution for Long-term storage in London that is guaranteed to save you a small fortune right from the start. Doing so offers a better experience and less stress.

As with many people who turn to conventional self-storage as a solution, a friend of mine recently entered a transitional period in her life. She was moving back home with her parents to combat the last semester of college after four years alone. While she had accumulated plenty of memories and life experiences, she had also accumulated plenty of stuff. There was room at home for the memories, but there was no way one more pot would fit into Mom’s kitchen!

Dad showed up for her move, loaded her belongings, and off they went, looking for a place to put all those things that had no place. They ended up at a storage facility less than a mile from her parents’ house. For her, renting a storage unit was like extending her closet since she had to store many things she still values and likes to keep.

On arrival, she was welcomed by the staff, seated, and they went through all the dos and don’ts of initial storage offers, but what caught her attention was the rate once the honeymoon was over; the actual rate of the storage unit itself was eye-watering. Nothing she can manage in the long term, she decided, after all, is the storage option for her needs.

How many tenants are 22-year-old college students moving in with their parents with the same storage needs? Probably not a huge percentage. In the end, a close friend pointed her in the right direction to consider mobile storage options as they are often less stressful and cheaper alternatives. When choosing a storage option, it’s helpful to ask yourself how often and for what purpose you really think you would need to access your things.