The cost of “Self Storage units in London” is among the highest in the UK. This type of conventional storage option is not the cheapest. There are several factors to consider that influence the higher costs of storage such as Location, cost of fitting out the units, and real estate – the cost which has significant bearings on the cost of storage at any particular location.

But all is not lost, there are several reasons one might need a self storage unit for personal, business, or just simply de-cluttering before you make any decisions is important that you know all the storage alternatives available in London to you and the budget.

You may want to set aside to meet the cost of storing your belongings and moving to/from storage facilities. How do self-storage operators justify such rates, they claim to provide instant access and value. Self-storage itself is an inconvenience derived from its name “Self” is do-it-yourself is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Self-storage in London isn’t cheap in fact is the most expensive storage solution for many self-storage providers especially multi-brand operators one of the flip sides of self-storage is that Self Storage companies have to cover all those extra costs higher rent, rate and the initial cost of fitting out the building.

How do self-storage operators justify such rates, they claim to provide instant access and value. There is a much better storage option at a fraction of the cost of traditional self-storage, if you do not need regular or no access the fact is you will be saving a small fortune on storage costs.

Their physically accessible set-up also means that self-storage facilities often only use 60-75% of the available occupancy.


How much does it cost to rent a storage unit in London? and why pay more?

Cost of Self Storage Units in London much higher with self storage optionsFor instance, if you considering the cost to rent a storage unit in places such as Central London, Fulham, Notting Hill, and Paddington for example,10×10 (100 sq) feet costs £155 per week, £671 per month. You will also need to factor in the cost of insuring your goods, transportation and padlock on top of the fear of constant rate hikes.

For the same space in terms of cost per square feet, Pick & Move Storage price for 10×10 (100 SQF) will cost you £60 per week, £260 per month the cost is driven further down by offers of free collection, insurance and a generous discount of 50% for 16 weeks.

For those customers storing for the long term saves you well over £411 for the same size unit compared with self-storage alternatives.

How much it cost to rent storage units is about knowing the storage option that is right for you.

PICK&MOVE storage is completely hassle-free at a fraction of what self-storage companies charge, store pickup and delivery is part of the standard service you get with mobile storage providers such as 


You can now find out the Cost of a storage unit near me.

If you’re considering entering the fray and renting a storage unit, or if you’re rethinking the value you get out of your current storage arrangement. Renting storage units near me may not be the best cost-effective solution as your choice are limited.

Let me offer some advice remember that the cheapest storage facilities are not always the best options. But there are secure, clean and affordable storage facilities when you compare, prices, convenience and added value. which are more cost-effective at a fraction of the cost of renting conventional Self Storage.

You will discover that the PICK&MOVE storage company offers outstanding value, we pick up your goods, store them and deliver them back when you need them. The freebies are worth a few hundred or thousands of pounds which lowers the overall storage cost.

Though I know some storage situations are unavoidable (i.e., a last-minute move for a job, family emergency, divorce)


Request more information today for Container Storage London perfect for long-term storage you will be surprised how much you can save.