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PICK&MOVE provides Cheap Storage London for everyone in need of storage space whether renovation, DE cluttering, or just extra space to store the things you love or not so use items for home or office. Our Cheap storage London prices from £9.95 per week + Vat. Typically, 35 SQF units cost only £21.50 per week, with the benefits of discount on offer and free pickup which lower your overall cost of storage.

Cheap Storage Space everyone wants it, few people actually have it. Your first thought might be to move your extra furniture and clothes into a self-storage unit. But those aren’t cheap. On top of the high rental fee, price hikes you have to factor in the money you’ll spend on boxes, packing materials, and transportation to actually move everything. PICK&MOVE offer cheap storage units with a convenient time to collect from your doorstep.

If you are looking for “cheap storage to rent”, why not get in touch now and see how much you can save. Is so much easy and cheaper than competitors. You don’t need to rent a moving truck to get your goods to us.

Opt for full-service storage, and we’ll pick them up from you, then re-deliver them when you’re ready.

Keep your personal, residential or commercial belongings safe and secure with cheap long-term storage. Whether you need to store valuables and effects for the long term or a short, PICK&MOVE has a range of cheap storage rooms in different sizes available at great rates all year long. Call us today on 0800 781 9629 or Schedule a pick-up service. Need help with storage size?


Finding Cheap Storage Units London with PICK&MOVE is easy.

Whether you’re waiting to close on your new home, preparing to sell your old place or simply looking for a space to store some extra belongings, PICK&MOVE has cheap storage units London for your stuff. When you choose PICK&MOVE as your storage providers save you time and money with our cheap storage units perfect fits for long term storage.

We pick up, store, and bring back your stuff—so you don’t have to. imagine never having to do that again. Instead, imagine a service where someone actually picks up and redelivers everything for you, leaving you to do whatever you want.

Have you tried various means and ways to increase storage at home or in the office by maximizing all the space you can find? Do you still find it difficult to reduce clutters and maintain a neat environment? PICK&MOVE cheap storage units are the answer to your needs.

PICK&MOVE team is also available to pack your belongings before you store them, especially items that are particularly prone to breaking. We’ll wrap them securely so that when you retrieve your items, they’ll be in the same condition you left them in.

Our prepayment discount lowers your overall cost of storage units with a free collection thrown in. If you looking for cheap storage look no further you will be surprised how much you can save by choosing the right storage option, There are no reasons to pay more? Is cheap and convenient in comparison to self storage alternatives.


Cheap Storage London prices, a typical 35-SQF unit only £21.50 p/w + Collection + Discount

Better yet, we’re able to do all this for about the same price, or even less than, conventional London self-storage. Don’t let missing out on our storage solution become an unforced error that ruins your weekend and/or your pocket.

And yet, by looking only at those London storage units near your own neighbourhood, you may end up paying a lot more than you need to. Likewise, your options may be limited they are not as easy or as cheap as they appear.

Contact us today for a personalized plan for Long term storage. Customs plan from 3, 6, 12 months and over. Are you storing for the Short term? we have a deal for everyone.

Cheap Storage London Pick and MoveLong Term Special Deals

  •                        *50% Off for 16 Weeks
  •                         Free Collection
  •                         Free Insurance
  •                         Limited time only
  •                         Get a Quote Now

*45% Cheaper than Self Storage compared


Cheap Storage Units for everyone in need of extra storage space to rent.

Whether you are moving to a new home, renovating or expanding your business, or clearing space in your garage, you will find what you need at one of our meticulously maintained facilities. With a variety of “cheap storage units London” and affordable price to match we, regularly offered specials, and no deposits necessary, it’s always easy to find the right unit for your needs and budget:

We never charge you administrative fees, and we never raise your storage rent. Don’t get nickel-and-dimed by self storage companies that take advantage of the fact that your storage is already sitting in one of their units. Lock in your storage price, budget accordingly, and never worry about when the next shoe is going to drop.

We offer an array of storage services to fit your specific needs. Our Cheap storage units can be used for any of the reasons mentioned below.

  • Decluttering: giving an impression of more space can make your property easier to sell.
  • Space to sort: move out things that you’re unlikely to need on a day-to-day basis to avoid piles of boxes stacked up.
  • Downsizing: if you are moving into a smaller property but still want to keep some of your possessions then keeping them in storage makes sense.
  • Moving in together: if you’ve got two of everything, it can be helpful to store some of your belongings while you work out what you both need and like.
  • Waiting for the perfect property: if you’ve sold your home but not yet found the next one, self-storage can be a short-term solution. Take only what you need and leave everything else packed up for the final move.
  • Putting your furniture and files in store: work from home or elsewhere until your new office is ready to move into.
  • Giving your workmen more room – your refurbishment will finish faster if your builders or decorators don’t have to work around your equipment and furniture.

Are you looking for Cheap Storage Near Me? PICK&MOVE Collect and Deliver on-Demand.

We’ve got cheap storage prices for you and near you! Flexible, Smart and Convenient cheap storage solution.

Our Free Collection is designed to take out all the hassle that many of usCheap Storage London Pick and Move encounter when storing our goods and you do not have to leave your home or office no need to worry about finding cheap storage nearby since PICK&MOVE storage pick up and delivery eliminate issues with distance and transportation of your belongings

. All you do is relax and let us take care of the process for you.

“Cheap storage near me” is a problem solved because we collect right from your doorstep covering entire London postcodes. Renting cheap storage nearby or near your location made simple with our pickup and delivery service.

No more worries relax while we collect your goods from the comfort of your home or office storage near me just made easier, Pick&Move Cheap storage London offer a great alternative to Self Storage, flexible and convenient at the price you can afford, that’s not all out storage rates is lower each year you store with us offering exceptional value if you are in for long haul,

Collection can be arranged at short notice, Pick&Move offer more than just pickup we can supply boxes and packaging, pack the entire content of your home or office is a choice that you have, unlike self-storage. Need an item back between storage, no problem let us know and we would deliver back straight to your door saving time and mone



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