Cheap Self Storage London.


Whether you live in Central or greater London genuine Cheap Self Storage London is hard to find. With so many storage facilities in London secure and affordable storage units is an issue, choosing a better value Cheap Self Storage could be a struggle.  Cheap storage is no longer a choice between sketchy self-storage and overhyped facilities especially those storage companies located in Central London

There’s a new standard for hassle-free storage that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  With storage offer of 50% discounts for 16 weeks thats cheap!

Pick&Move storage is better option than mostly and Cheaper alternative to Self Storage in London, We Collect, Store and Return your items when you need it. We offer full-service storage across London.

If you are looking for Cheap Self Storage units London you may be disappointed because they are not exactly Cheap is an inconvenience Do-It-Yourself. From expensive rate to overprice storage units and confusing storage deals to hide the true cost of storage.

Yet you will need to factored in the cost of transportation to/from the self storage facilities which increases the overall cost of storage.

The only cost effective way is cheap storage from Pick&Move, our Storage units is flexible with free collection In London, saving you time and money.

Is Cheaper than the Self Storage alternatives such as  Access Storage, Safestore, Big Yellow or Shurgard and many more!


PICK&MOVE Cheap Storage is Easier, More Secure, and Half as Expensive as Self-Storage.

Why chose PICK&MOVE? Our Storage is far better than traditional self storage, Our cheap storage units London provides you with cheap prices throughout the year, you do not have to worry about price hike associated with self storage companies.

If you are looking for a cheap self storage London the answer is you probably wont find it with self storage alternatives, they are cumbersome and expensive way to store. Need a cheap self storage to rent? Look no further than PICK&MOVE storage offers, Here is some of our benefits listed below.

  • Perfect size unit, only pay for what you need
  • Quick pickup and delivery
  • Full packing/unpacking services
  • Quick and easy storage services
  • Discount storage packages customized to your needs
  • No registration, setup fees or deposit.
  • Climate-controlled, secure storage facilities
  • No need for truck rental and extra cost of fuel.

Self Storage Units Reinvented, Avoid the headaches of Self storage in London.

One of the big ways PICK&MOVE is able to keep our storage prices affordable is by making sure our customers never have to pay for more storage than they use. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at the prices for our full-capacity storage units.

What sets us apart from the competition is smart, cheap and hassle-free storage that starts with pickup, includes a secure, climate-controlled storage facility, and concludes with reliable return delivery. Better yet, we offer this new standard of convenient London storage at rates that are competitive with traditional self-storage units.

  • Finding / renting a storage unit.
  • Dealing with the hidden costs.
  • Paying for space you don’t need.
  • Renting or borrowing a vehicle.
  • Moving boxes and heavy furniture.
  • Begging your Friends for help!

With PICK&MOVE our Cheap Storage rate starting from just £1.42 per day cheaper than conventional Self Storage options across London.

Cheap Self Storage London Pick and Move

*50% Off for 16 Weeks & More. Are you in for Long Haul?

 Free Collection

 Free Insurance

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Personal reasons why you may need Cheap storage units.

PICK&MOVE is easy storage London, hassle -free alternative to Self-storage. Our cheap storage units saves you money and time when there are changes in your life. PICK&MOVE offers convenient, reliable storage.

Whether you’re a twenty-something looking to take advantage of London social scene and cultural events, whether you’re preparing your home for a long-term guest, You may be:

  • moving house
  • renovating your home
  • decluttering rooms
  • travelling or moving abroad
  • at university or college
  • going through a divorce
  • having a baby
  • clearing out a property after a bereavement


There are many reasons for businesses to consider cheap storage.

Freeing up valuable office space is vital for any business PICK&MOVE cheap storage allows you to create space in your work premises. And it prevents your office looking like warehouse.

Whatever the size of your company, our storage can:

  • give you somewhere to store your archives and files
  • provide a safe and secure place for your tools and equipment
  • give you room for your stock and merchandise
  • take your furniture off your hands during an office move or refurbishment

Why cheap storage units is the ideal solution for Londoners:

  • Renovating if you need to move furniture out when workmen come inCheap Self Storage London Pick and Move
  • Need a storage or gap between home sale.
  • Short term storage for what ever reason.
  • Long-term storage
  • If you are a Landlord need to put furniture away till required.
  • Uncluttering your place so it sells or rents sooner
  • Storing college student’s stuff for summer
  • Anyone who wants safe, secure, more affordable, mobile container storage


 Are you looking for cheap self storage near me?

PICK&MOVE Cheap Storage Units is ideal for home or business, whether you looking for “cheap self storage near me” We collect door to door and deliver on Demand making storage much easier from point A to B.

Self Storage is hassle why spend half of your day travelling between storage facilities in London, you can relax knowing that all the physical hard work will be done, whatever your requirement, we can supply boxes, pack , collect  label and stored in our secure storage unit in London     Cheap Self Storage London Pick and Move

We specialise in  cheap long term storage, great news is that the longer you store with us the cheaper the storage rate  “clean, secure self-storage units at an affordable storage unit prices.

Mobile storage offer great value compare to any likes so called Cheap self storage London.. The downfall is that they are not  cheap, they are expensive storage options with endless price hikes

Secure Cheap storage complete peace of mind:

  • Full Alarmed Red Care Monitoring System
  • Gated computerized Access
  • Smoke & Fire detector.
  • CCTV Security 24/7
  • No Humidity or Moisture
  • Modern Secure Warehouses.
  • 35% – 60% Cheaper than Traditional Self Storage·
  • Fully Insured & UKWA Standard


Frequently Asked Questions.

I am looking for cheap self storage in Central London, do you offer any?

Yes. Our storage rate in Central London is cheap and competitive. Is it one of the best in the market today. Our rates start from £9.95 p/w with storage offers to lower the cost further.

Can you provide part packing services for my fragile items?

Yes. We offer part or full packing services, from supplying boxes and packaging whatever the requirements..

Do storage companies provide pickup services.

Yes, Pick&Move pick up from your home or offices in Central London or Greater London, you can schedule a time suitable for your collections. However, bear in mind that not all storage companies provide collection services. 

Is self storage in Central London Expensive?

Yes, Just like the real estate prices in Central London which is among the most expensive in the world. We offer great rates on our storage with discounts to suit all budgets.


You Can Start Storing Today its Easy. .

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