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Self Storage London is an expensive option, Pick&Move Storage London offers better alternative. We collect direct from your home or office leaving you much needed time to deal with more important issues.Wait! there is more is cheaper than any self storage providers in London. Conveniently sized storage units in London


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Self Storage in London Made Easy.

Personal reasons why you may need self-storage.

Self-storage comes into its own when there are changes in your life. You may be:

  • moving house
  • renovating your home
  • decluttering rooms
  • travelling or moving abroad
  • at university or college
  • going through a divorce
  • having a baby
  • clearing out a property after a bereavement


How Businesses can use self-storage.

Freeing up valuable office space is vital for any business Self-storage allows you to create space in your work premises. And it prevents your office looking like warehouse. Whatever the size of your company, our storage can:

  • give you somewhere to store your archives and files
  • provide a safe and secure place for your tools and equipment
  • give you room for your stock and merchandise
  • take your furniture off your hands during an office move or refurbishment


Benefits of portable storage units:

  • Renovating if you need to move furniture out when workmen come inSelf Storage London Pick and Move
  • Need a storage or gap between home sale.
  • Short term storage for what ever reason.
  • Long-term storage special low cost rate.
  • If you are a Landlord need to put furniture away till required.
  • Uncluttering your place so it sells or rents sooner
  • Storing college student’s stuff for summer




Why Mobile Storage is Smart and Convenient than Self Storage.

Traditional self storage London  are cumbersome and expensive DIY. When you think about moving and storage, have you ever wished someone would just come right to you? your wish can come true, our mobile storage provides complete door to door service.  Pick & Move has the perfect solution to meet all your storage needs storing for few day, months or in for long haul, whatever your requirement we have the right  storage solution in London. You can use our resources put together to help you pack successfully when moving into storage facilities.

“Save time and money over traditional self-storage services. Why rush to load, unload, and return an expensive rental truck? We Collect, Store and Deliver back at your convenience.

  • We collect Door–to-Door service
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Free Pre Move Survey
  • Cheaper than Self Storage
  • Benefit of Additional Services
  • Professional Packing/Unpacking
  • Boxes and Packaging Supplied.
  • Low cost all year round
  • The long you store the cheaper our rate
  • Perfect for long term storage


Self Storage London with free collection.Self Storage London Pick and Move

Free Collection designed to take out all the hassle that many of us encounter when storing our goods and you do not need to leave your home or office.Within short notice, we can arrange your storage needs, Pack, Collect, Store and Re-deliver at your convenience, a complete Removals and Storage solution in London



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