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Is your home in need of remodelling or extra space to store those not so use items? perhaps your new home is not ready to move in-between sale, Pick&Move Cheap Storage London offers the best storage solution very often the first thing that came to your mind is self storage expensive do-it-yourself old fashion way. There are efficient and low cost option alike for businesses in need of freeing up valuable office space in cities like London. Our Cheap Storage London is perfect if you in for long haul.

How can Mobile Storage help during your moves take advantage of Pick&Move Secure Cheap Storage London today.

  • Decluttering: giving an impression of more space can make your property easier to sell.
  • Space to sort: move out things that you’re unlikely to need on a day-to-day basis to avoid piles of boxes stacked up.
  • Downsizing: if you are moving into a smaller property but still want to keep some of your possessions then keeping them in storage makes sense.
  • Moving in together: if you’ve got two of everything, it can be helpful to store some of your belongings while you work out what you both need and like.
  • Waiting for the perfect property: if you’ve sold your home but not yet found the next one, self-storage can be a short-term solution. Take only what you need and leave everything else packed up for the final move.
  • Putting your furniture and files in store: work from home or elsewhere until your new office is ready to move into.
  • Giving your workmen more room – your refurbishment will finish faster if your builders or decorators don’t have to work around your equipment and furniture.


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Exceptional value, low cost storage with added benefit of best of both Moving and Storage at once,  Research shows that mobile storage is 64% cheaper than traditional self storage providers. we offer additional complimentary services, we can supply boxes, pack and wrap your fragile or entire household or office prior to storage, retrieve any stored items when needed and delivered straight to your door,unlike traditional self storage providers or if you doing your own packing ,check out our Guide on how to pack for storage. The good news is that our Cheap Storage London cost a fraction of the cost of any self storage providers in the market today. Cheap storage London

If you are looking to add more space back into your life, look no further, for short or long term storage solutions if you are looking If your storage needs are short-term, we provide great options for temporary storage that will provide you with the space you need.. With our convenient portable ability, we collect right at your doorstep. Need help with finding the right storage unit use our Storage Size Guide.



Cheap Storage London Units Offer Convenience & Flexibility Better Alternative to Self Storage Guaranteed savings of up to 55% compared.

Gone are the days of driving a packed car to and from a storage unit nothing compare to portable storage units, Traditional self storage is cumbersome and expensive DIY. If you want a simple way to store your stuff, look no further than  Pick & Move Cheap storage London has the perfect solution to meet all your storage needs for Home and Businesses.Mobile storage Unit

Our  Free Collection designed to take out all the hassle that many of us encounter when storing our goods and you do not need to leave your home or office covering entire London postcodes.




Some of the Benefit of cheap storage London our units prices start as little as 99p per day.

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